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Buy activation key Windows 8.1 Pro (x32-x64) 3 PC

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Immediately I want to make an explanation about the purchase of this particular Windows product, because if you decide to buy key Windows 8.1 right here, you can get about three license activations of Windows 8.1 Pro at a time and plus, you will get the opportunity to update the "eight" to Windows 10 for free, which in itself is quite cool and saves a lot of money, not to mention time! So you should decide for yourself:

  • Do you need to purchase multiple activations for the system at the same time, since it is much cheaper and faster than making similar purchases separately?
  • Do you need an operating system of the eighth generation, which is one of the most advanced in terms of functionality in the current market realities?
  • Do you need a software tool that is available in terms of learning, which can turn your everyday life into a workspace where there are no difficulties while working at the computer?

After giving an answer to yourself on the above questions, you can easily decide on a purchase and will not regret it!

Making a choice in favor of a particular operating system, you should understand that it is not enough to take and buy Windows 8.1 Pro, you must initially assume what exactly you need this OS. It is clear that the version " 8.1 "is a kind of continuation of the previously released version" 8", but with a fairly large number of changes and improvements, so there will be something to see and be surprised at.

The main advantage of Windows 8.1 over its predecessors is that this operating system has:

  • Much more stability during operation and at the same time, can allow you to look at the performance of your PC in a completely different way, because with its help, even the "old hardware" will start working in a new way. It is clear that you will not get something super powerful and global in the speed of work, but compared to what Vista or Seven could offer you, there will be a huge difference;
  • Do not forget that this operating system was developed in order for any user to use it not only for solving some simple tasks, but for full-fledged work in any field of activity and with any orientation. The OS has a fairly large amount of software that somehow allows you to use yourself for the benefit of the operating systems and thus, without forcing you to purchase or install additional software;
  • Support for modern software developed by various programmers. This is what makes Windows 8.1 on 3 PC unrealistically popular among those who: constantly updates the working SOFTWARE, installs game applications, seeks to experiment and is looking for the most practical software for their work or entertainment. The OS almost always allows you to expand its capabilities at the expense of something third-party and thus, almost does not become outdated, since its internal software environment is constantly updated;
  • It is clear that the " Pro " version is good at work and copes with any tasks set before it, but it also copes with games very well, because its main purpose is to constantly help the user achieve their goals, and how exactly they will look – in the form of SOFTWARE or games, this is a secondary question. Therefore, gamers who want to run game applications at the maximum possible speed, in the environment of this system will be able to do it very simply and achieve the "FPS" without any problems at all;
  • Customizability of the "eight" in the "Pro" edition for user needs is another plus, since it is always possible to literally "mold" what you need from the existing system. There will be no software updates without your knowledge, strange reboots, the location of the application launch elements will always be identical to what you put in the program yourself and so on.;
  • The versatile appearance of Windows 8.1 makes it possible to perfectly interact with this software environment with all the Windows OS line without any problems, which is also incredibly effective during the execution of large amounts of work, provided that you work for different PCs and with different users. No longer will all project participants have to install identical systems for better interaction of the software used;
  • Antivirus protection and security system that you can find here will seem fantastic to many users, since they have in their set not only the usual antivirus for many, but also huge resources in the face of additional degrees of protection: PIN code, the use of biometric data scanners of the user, and much more.

As you can see from the description above, Windows 8.1 Professional (x32-x64) 3PC is not just a system for everyday use, but a unique companion software, because with its help it is possible to simplify working at the computer at times and no longer worry about those aspects that could bother you when using simpler versions / editions of systems developed by Microsoft and used by you previously.

Купленный ключ не сработал при активации. Заменили ключик без проблем и теперь всё работает! В целом - хорошо!
Работает на всех трёх компьютерах. - Windows 8.1 with Update (multiple editions) (x64) - DVD (Russian) File Name: ru_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_6051499.iso Languages: Russian SHA1: 8D69DE249806FFBE94870ADC4D74E40E486C13B6 Size: 4,315,099,136 byte
Ключ подошел, активация выполнена. Благодарю Вас!
Спасибо большое! Всё работает на отлично.
Приобретенный серийник работает, немного расстроило общение с продавцом так как создалось впечатление что на другом конце сидит человек который не может сразу сформулировать правильный ответ на заданный вопрос. Радует оперативность ответов, за это плюс.
Спасибо, всё работает!
где ключ (((
все отлично
Товар качественный. Описание детальное. Но хотелось, чтобы сразу выдавался прямой путь к дистрибутиву(хотя бы до разрядности). На сайте msdn не соориентировался. ведь windows 8.1 pro и windows 8.1 industru pro не одно и тоже?