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Windows 10 S

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Some time ago, Microsoft announced that in the near future, it was going to release a new version of the operating system of the tenth generation, which could boast of specific work opportunities, but for all that, would not have a great price. Since the above statement was made, relatively little time has passed and the price of Windows 10 S has already become known, which in reality is not so huge, as many Internet resources predicting certain market jumps OS with the release of this edition of the program. Of course, the share of the market for the use of operating systems will be under the control of the editorial staff of the "S", but it seems to us that this is a self-evident fact that simply does not go away, regardless of whether this edition of the program was published or something else...

Uniqueness of Windows 10 S and its distinctive features

  • It's not strange, but only this edition introduces functions that affect the possibility of limiting the installation of software, which prevents the user of the PC from freely installing applications that are not from the Microsoft Store. Of course, if you work only with the Store, then this item will not cause you any questions, but if it is a question of third-party software, then you will have some problems with installing them. It's also worth noting here that as soon as the operating system notices that you are trying to install a third-party program, it will independently find a similar replacement for it, but only developed by Microsoft.
  • Those who used to work with several browsers at once or did not use the recently developed Microsoft Edge browser will need to reconsider their worldview, since now, by default browser, you will have Microsoft Edge. Of course, you can use a similar software (only developed in Microsoft), but here's to reconfigure it from the launch by default, under no circumstances will it work.
  • Starting using the license key of Windows 10 S, you will also be able to notice in the search direction the restrictions that were introduced by Microsoft and affected the default use of only the search engine "Bing". Here, all the same as in the previous paragraph - you can use the search engines of other developers, but you can not reconfigure them so that they open by default.
  • You will no longer have the opportunity to join the local domain, because for its place, all users will be offered to use the domain "Azure AD". It's difficult to say how much this is convenient, but there are recommendations from Microsoft that this significantly reduces the likelihood of hacking programs entering the system.
  • Well, and that is not unimportant, full-fledged data encryption is now implemented with the help of Bitlocker. This measure is also accepted due to the fact that with its introduction into the system, the probability of loss of personal data by the user due to spyware is reduced to a minimum.
  • It is not possible to ignore the price of this product, which will pleasantly surprise you, because the operating system of the tenth generation was once and not where, was not so cheap and was not so affordable that buy inexpensive Windows 10 S can afford yourself, even a schoolboy.

Of course, at the moment, this is a relatively "young" software, but in any case, it will in the near future be one of the most popular because of its many working opportunities. In addition, the functionality of the program will gradually expand and thus, a high-quality OS can become soon, more unique and really in demand in various areas of PC users.

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