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Office 365 with OneDrive

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Since Microsoft has been striving to globally promote software directly linked to cloud services in recent years, users who respect themselves simply cannot ignore Office 365 with OneDrive. And all from the fact that software developers have tried to make their brainchild more practical in terms of use not only due to numerous services and comprehensive working tools, but also due to the fact that everyone who buys Office products with the letter "365" is provided the possibility of free use of 5 terabytes of memory in online storage. Thus, on the one hand, you have the opportunity to use already familiar and constantly updated applications, but on the other hand, as an additional option, you have your own cloud storage with which it is convenient to interact anytime, anywhere.

Preinstalled applications in Microsoft Office 365

As for something newer and more unique that Office 365 can offer on several devices, here it’s mandatory to highlight several functional / service applications, where each has its undeniable advantages, which are not possible not how to ignore:

  • Outlook - is an email client. It does not cause difficulties in mastering a high-quality email client, which is ideal both for business correspondence with clients and for everyday communication with relatives and friends. Various “filters” and a level of security are exactly what you need for confidential communication.
  • Word - is a text editor. At first glance it may seem difficult due to the huge number of tools that you will have to constantly interact with, but in the end, it will only cause you positive emotions from processing text documents for various fields of activity.
  • Excel - table editor. Allows you to enter into your work routine the use of systematized tables in which information will be literally “laid out on the shelves”. Just like the previous application, it has many functional tools for solving any problem.
  • PowerPoint - is a presentation editor. It gives creative freedom in terms of creating presentations and, as a result, opens up promising boundaries for everyone who starts working with this application. The tools here are quite enough so that the quality of the presentation can be improved from “the simplest” to “the most complex”.
  • OneNote - is an online notebook. The practicality and prostate of using this application will win your heart almost instantly, since here, you can easily: create notes with a hierarchical structure, use an organizer of personal notes, etc.
  • Access - is a relational database management system (DBMS). The primary task of this application is database management, but if necessary, you will have the opportunity to easily use this software and use it to create your own application that works in the direction that is most relevant to you.
  • Publisher - is a publishing system. Ease of use and a minimal set of tools make the application ideal for any user to be able to design page layouts at the highest level.

New features in Microsoft Office 365

The list of main - additional options that will be available to you after you decide to buy activation of Microsoft Office 365 on 5 PCs is not great at the moment, but it will impress many users:

  • OneDrive - is the cloud for data storage. At any time and in any place where there is Internet, you can download / upload to your “cloud”: video, photo, text document, spreadsheet, presentation or other project so that it is always and everywhere with you. Also, individual documents can be edited directly in the cloud with the possibility of their subsequent saving.
  • Office on Demand - the function of launching the main Office applications without installation. If you don’t have a personal device at hand with the Office 365 application package preinstalled, but there is a third-party device with the installed version of Windows 7 or later (8 or 10), then you can always use office applications to edit text and tables without installing it.
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