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In order to protect your computer, there is a sufficiently large number of different kinds of antiviruses, but it is worthwhile to understand that each of them has its own highly specialized direction, so that no one talks about it. It is for this reason that we decided today to tell you about what you can get if you decide to purchase the ESET NOD32 Family key, which is ideal for computers and laptops that are most commonly used at home.

Why choose ESET NOD32 Smart Security Family?

In fact, the whole line of antivirus programs under the ESET NOD32 brand is really high-quality software, but no matter how it was there, namely this product can be considered one of the best quality for today. The peculiarity of this antivirus is that its working core is modeled in such a way that anyone who purchases this product gets not just the protection of its device, but has the opportunity to expand its protective capabilities, since it makes it possible to purchase only one purchase at once The range of computers and gadgets that are used most often at home.

Of course, another feature of this antivirus is the fact that this program was designed specifically for family use, and therefore, this software has more flexible settings and some advanced features that the Family does not have under any brand under whatever brand they are Were issued.

What do I get when I buy ESET NOD32 Family?

  • Surely, you will be surprised with the fact that ESET NOD32 Family license will allow you to install protection at once to several devices (at least three), and therefore you can protect to choose from: computer, laptop, tablet Or a smartphone. What and how to protect, choose only you.
  • Thanks to this purchase, you can get a huge amount of money savings, because you buy something like one license activation key for the antivirus, and you can install and continue to use it on several devices, so it's very economical.
  • There is an opportunity to reinstall the antivirus on a new device if the old one is damaged or if the old one is replaced with a new one. This option gives you the option not to worry about having to buy another activation key, and therefore, you can make this kind of replacement anywhere and any PC or gadget.
  • Antivirus ESET NOD32 Family allows you to take full control of your router and web camera. This control is convenient because with its help the antivirus will constantly monitor the really important components of your life.
  • Constant monitoring of any payments you make through the Internet, is also a very convenient option. With this option, you have the opportunity to get at your disposal an application that does not allow third-party resources to save your payment details.
  • Using an application called "ESET NOD32 Parental Control", you will decide for yourself what you can view on the Internet for your children, and what resources are best for them to refuse. The more you will not worry about that your child saw something "wrong".
  • Not the last place among all of the above is the innovative software security system NOD32. Thanks to this security system, you will notice that the anti-virus program works on the most innovative engine, which, daily updated and turns day by day into something better than it was before.

Our opinion about the purchase of the editorial office of "Family"

In fact, we tend to assume that almost 100% of those who decide to buy ESET NOD32 Smart Security Family will not regret buying this product for a moment, but everything from the fact that the program is really worthwhile. Due to the multifaceted nature of the product, it will constantly surprise you and, most importantly, NOD32 will not instantly stop in its evolution, as its development is really fast and you will surely like it, since there is nothing like this in the world of antivirus software, Yet not when there was not and in the near future, most likely will not.

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