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Synchronizing Windows system settings 10

Synchronizing Windows system settings 10

When a PC user first hears that he has a new feature in the operating system that looks like synchronization of the Windows 10 system settings, he unconsciously decides that it will not use it. With what this decision is often connected, it is not clear, but it's exactly the way it happens in 80% -90% of cases. Although, if a PC user can tell what the function is in front of him and what it really is, then he starts using it with great joy. This is what prompted us to write this article and try to tell you as much detail as possible about what is actually a function of synchronizing OS parameters between different devices, but tied into one "network" by means of a single Microsoft account .

Why do I need to synchronize the Windows system settings?

In fact, the use of this function lies in the fact that the user having several devices that he "ties into one network" by means of a Microsoft account, can not worry more about that getting up because of a stationary computer and starting to work for a laptop or tablet, it will expect a completely different workspace. It is the synchronization function that allows you to synchronize almost everything that is possible on all devices and make them for all while being the most similar internally. As an example, you can set the same on all devices:

  • Themes of the design;
  • Login passwords;
  • Language settings;
  • Special abilities;
  • Other Windows settings.

So, here you will have where to clear up and what to adjust to your needs.

In addition, all the same options for enabling and disabling synchronization will allow you to disable the password entry on some devices, if several people use them and logon without a password is more convenient, you can also use different themes on the PC, a dark one, and on tablet light, which will prolong the work of the tablet without battery and so on. There are quite a lot of different nuances that you definitely should take advantage of.

How to enable / disable the synchronization of the Windows 10 system settings?

In fact, synchronization of Windows 10 settings is configured quite simply and relatively quickly, since you only need to perform the following steps in order to get to the settings section: go to the so-called "Options" panel, then you have to go to "Accounts", from there you go to "Synchronize your settings", then go to "Synchronize individual settings" and only then you get into the window with the same name, where by dragging the sliders to "On" / "Off" about Enable the inclusion of specific synchronization parameters.