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How do I opt out of the October 2018 Update for Windows 10?

How do I opt out of the October 2018 Update for Windows 10?

Many PC users constantly ask themselves the question: “How to opt out of the October 2018 Update for Windows 10?” And all because they are in a situation where they get an update to their computer, it is installed, and after that, problems begin: the system restarts itself, applications do not start, buttons and so on work. So, so that this does not happen, it is easier to really refuse a big update, at least for a while, since 10-20 days after its release, several additional “fixes” will be released, which will eliminate most of the problems and use the system it will be much easier.

The only thing before you continue to read this article and do everything that is described in it, I would like to note that according to the developers, the update "October 2018 Update" will not be like the others, and everything that will be in it there is a new - intelligent system that can monitor the installation of the update in the OS for compatibility with a PC. Suppose you started to download the update and it turned out that it doesn’t suit your needs for some parameters or during the installation, there was some kind of incompatibility. In this case, the update will not be forcibly installed, but simply, it will stop and wait for a “bug fixes” that will have to fix these problems and only after that will the installation of the “October” update continue. Of course, at the moment, all of the above sounds like a kind of fairy tale, which is very idealized, but it is possible that Microsoft was able to do what users have been waiting for and that soon, no one will be afraid to install updates ...

Disable receiving updates for Windows 10 Pro?

It is with this edition of the program - Windows 10 Pro, it is very easy to work, because its options are much wider than the others and it initially provides for the possibility of temporary refusal to receive the update. The only thing you need to do is move the switch to the “On” position opposite the “Suspend updates” option, but before you can do this, go here in this way: launch the “Settings” panel → go to “Update and security” → go even deeper into “Windows Update” → use the final subsection “Advanced settings”, and after that, you can find the above-mentioned parameter and move the switch.

Disable receiving updates for Windows 10 Home?

As for Windows 10 Home, then things are much worse, since this version of the system does not support a certain number of settings and as a result, you will have to cheat a little, but refuse to update October 2018 Update you can only here with the inclusion of a limit on Internet traffic. In order to perform this setting, you do the following: as before, use the Settings panel → go to the Network and Internet section → find and open the Status → go to the last subsection of Change Connection Properties, right here , you should find the item “Set as limit connection” under which the switch will be present and move it to the “On” position.

If, for some reason, not one of the above methods does not suit you, then in this case, we suggest using third-party software, but on the condition that you realize that this is not entirely correct. In this case, we suggest you use such utilities as: Wu10Man, WPD, Windows Update Blocker or, pick up something similar. In any case, you open the downloaded utility from the official website and move the switch / checkbox in it from the item that allows you to “Download updates” to the item that “Does not allow downloading updates”.

Whichever of the above points you had to use, in any case you will be satisfied with the end result, since you will not have to contemplate downloading and installing the update, which, in your opinion, should not be currently used on your computer.