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Most PC users try to track software updates more or less in order to be able to update to newer versions of the SOFTWARE in a timely manner, or completely change the old software to the new one. That's why, when the "ten" appeared, a fairly large part of the "users" who use their computers and laptops at home for the most part, began to think that it's time to buy a license for Windows 10 Home, since this software can actually be considered one of the best at the moment because of its stability and usefulness, which is more than enough to use the OS at home and even to perform some working moments. It is comfort in use that allows Windows 10 Home to be called one of the most convenient – "popular" versions of the OS.

The price of the operating system remains fundamental

This operating system also attracts special attention by the fact that, despite its practicality in using and providing the user with simply enormous opportunities, it boasts a lower price policy compared to its classmates, and this in recent years, is a fundamental point when choosing licensed software. Thus, anyone can buy a license system, but at the same time, do not spend a lot of money on it.

Pros Of Windows 10 Home

As with many products from Microsoft, software that has the letter "Home" has some functional limitations, which, for those who are aware of their presence in the purchased SOFTWARE, are at least pluses. This is why we decided to mark only the most important options of this system, so that once and for all we put all the dots over the "And" and do not return to the same questions that are often asked by inexperienced users of computers and laptops:

  • Security system. Despite the fact that Windows 10 Home for PC is primarily positioned as a software that should be used by ordinary users, its security system is at a fairly high level, since it takes place here: Windows Hello (face recognition), device Encryption (we are talking about data located in the device), Firewall and Internet protection (antivirus program to protect the device in the network), Parental control (control of children over the computer), Secure boot (protects the system from virus attacks at the time of loading - when the device is turned on), Windows Defender (a full-fledged antivirus program) , and a bunch of other things that really work for the benefit of the user and protects it: a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, and other devices.
  • Main function. Here the list is faster, but still, something interesting can be found, because the user will be available: a Digital pen and touch input (using a digital pen, you can: write text, move elements in the project, make sketches, and more), the touch keyboard Function (allows you to refuse to use the keyboard in the usual physical appearance), Microsoft Edge (a unique browser, considered very safe and incredibly fast), battery saving Mode (allows you to increase the offline time of the device, by reducing unnecessary background processes). Mobile (it is possible to use a PC and at the same time, get access to SMS and photos in the mobile device).
  • Manage and deploy your business. But here, in the "Home" edition, the system's functionality is a little different, since for the most part, it lacks everything that takes place in the "Pro" edition and its like, but this is the main plus, because the system does not have such excesses as: Microsoft Store for business (online store from developers), installation of updates (it is impossible to regulate the installation of updates, since it is always performed in automatic mode), terminal mode (allows you to make a full-fledged terminal from a normal device), and much more.

Thus, when thinking about how to completely update the Windows OS, weigh all the "PROS" and "CONS" to buy Windows 10 Home, and not something else, as the potential of this operating system abound! You choose the OS not to perform some super fantastic tasks, but to use: social networks, watch movies, play, read, listen to music, and much more... That's why, by choosing this OS, you can easily meet all your needs for rest, but if necessary, you will be able to use the "Home" version of the operating system for something more complex, since no one has canceled work at the computer, even in this edition of "tens". Therefore, work with software from the category: office, photo editors, video editors, etc., you will also be present.

Все быстро и четко, спасибо большое
Спасибо большое, все работает отлично, всем рекомендую продавца !!
Всё отлично. Прекрасный способ сэкономить.
Активация прошла успешна , привязалась к учётной записи Майкрософт
Активация прошла без проблем. С момента оплаты до активации прошло 3 минуты.
Покупаю ключи уже 3 раз, всегда все проходит отлично, активируется все без проблем
Все замечательно работает, спасибо продавцу !! Рекомендую )
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