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Today, we offer everyone to buy Server 2019 Standard, because in the line of updated software developed by Microsoft to perform various tasks related to server hardware, this is the best software option. The uniqueness of this program lies in the fact that in the years it was able to exist on the market, only the best were introduced into it, and the worst was gradually eliminated, which turned the already powerful, and sought-after product into an even larger software.

Security Level Windows Server 2019 Standard

Considering the security level of this program, I would like to note that it received at its disposal an updated Windows Defender, which has become compared with its predecessor, even more powerful and all-powerful in terms of protection.

If you compare Windows Defender with similar anti-virus products, then first of all I would like to note that this software is developed by Microsoft, which means that it is more powerful than similar software. Anti-Virus is not aimed at unilateral identification of hazards that may threaten the system, but has the ability to prevent a whole range of potential threats in the form of:

  • Viruses;
  • Rootkits;
  • Spies;
  • Tracking suspicious actions by the software.

Also, if a problem cannot be solved permanently by your program, then it is always possible to send it to Microsoft in order for the company's specialists to find the most suitable way to solve the problem.

The main working tools of Windows Server 2019 Standard

Generally, if we talk about: “What exactly can Server 2019 Standard?” Then you can enumerate almost without a course, because a program of this level is constantly updated and receives something new for its development and it allows users to use themselves on a larger scale, but no matter how it was there, the main advantages of this software over competitors are:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux - there is nothing simpler than taking the opportunity to launch any application developed for Linux, but provided that you run the program in the Windows environment. The practicality of this launch lies in the fact that there will be no need to install any additional applications or anything else, but you can get away with the operational capabilities provided by Server 2019.
  • Support Kubernetes - allows you to simplify at times the work with containerization. More, you do not have to perform complex actions with various kinds of containers in order to: expand, scale and manage them. Now, for this there is a specialized tool that allows you to set up everything in a matter of minutes and make containerized applications as they should be for convenience in your work.
  • Storage Spaces Direct - is a completely new development that defines a storage system and allows you to enhance the storage space technology directly on the nodes. Here, it is worth noting that the gain options can be at least two: using internal disks and direct connection to the nodes themselves, through an additional device.
  • Storage Migration Service - is not just an updated data transfer service from one server to another, but a full-fledged one - an updated tool. With this innovation, you can store data on the server, and if necessary, perform their automatic transfer to new sites to work with a more recent version of the software.
  • Storage Replica. System Insights - is a tool for locally predictive analytics that is designed to help the user in pinpointing those places that have the most "fragile structure." Thus, it is possible to predict the progress of work, as one specific PC from the network, and the entire network.

The visual appearance of Windows Server 2019 Standard

The updated graphical interface, the editors of the 2019 program, was able to get due to the release of the Windows 10 operating system, where many aspects of visualization were different from what the user could see earlier. Due to the fact that the licensed Server 2019 Standard does not look like its predecessors, when working with the program, it seems that it has a more presentable appearance with numerous modern additions.

Working in the updated environment is very convenient, especially since it is very practical in terms of colors and, if necessary, you can adjust a lot for yourself. It is this factor that becomes fundamental, provided that you choose server software not to look at it “from time to time”, but in order to work with this program constantly and monitor your projects almost every minute.

Все как всегда отлично и прекрасно все активировалось
По телефону мелкософта активировалась нормально. Автоматически не сработал. Сначала сервер активации не отвечал, после, что ключ повторный.
Работает !
Спасибо все отлично. Полет Нормальный, все работает, активация успешна!
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Всё хорошо. Продавец быстрое решает возникшие вопросы.
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