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Key for Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro

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If you run your own business or do something that requires maximum accuracy while working in computing, then you should pay attention to Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro since this version of the operating system is perfect for you. The main tasks for which this OS was developed are the ability to fully and at the same time, work as accurately as possible: with retail devices, in the field of health care, in the niche of industrial automation, and many other areas that often have a narrow specialization with maximum reliability and security of the highest level.

The operating system itself of this plan, practically does not require the user to do any additional actions in order to make its functionality even more extensive, and all from the fact that there is a place to be the minimum, which will certainly be in demand by many:

  • Gesture control. To speed up the work and simplify many of the OS's functional options, users can use the specified "gestures", which make it possible to take a completely different look at working with software that is not tied to any software component in the form of a mouse or keyboard;
  • Updated version of Internet Explorer. This is not the same Internet browser that it used to be, since this version of the program has undergone major updates that affected several areas: security-has become much better, the speed of work — to surpass its competitors at times, functionality-additional options and working tools have appeared;
  • Unique Multitouch system. Allows you to work with touch monitors, which several times increases the performance of any user who can no longer use the usual keyboard and mouse;
  • Metro-functionality. The innovative menu option in Windows Embedded 8.1 x64 can also be attributed to a software extension that makes it easier to work not only with system options, as they become available in a couple of mouse clicks, but also speeds up the work process, because you can get to specific folders, sections, documents, etc., it became as simple as possible. Here we note that there are the most necessary functions of "metro", and not all in a row;
  • Full-fledged antivirus in the face of "Defender". A high-quality antivirus with a bunch of "standard" options will fit perfectly into the life of any user, since the antivirus SOFTWARE works unobtrusively, and performs protective functions at a very decent level.

Thus, this operating system can be considered the best of its kind, and all from the fact that it was able to borrow the best from its "classmates" and was supplemented with such elements that were not previously available. It turns out that you can find a lot of interesting things here, but only in a very optimized appearance and without any frills.

In addition, it is worth noting the appearance of the OS, which, as before, remained very practical, which allows the user who has worked at least once in the environment of Windows operating systems, to adapt as quickly as possible and start making the necessary manipulations in the new Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry, which will be friendly and accommodating for him. Here we also note the attractiveness of the system component, because it also remained on top and even, in many aspects, was able to become even more beautiful, with its unique faces.

Thus, you will no longer want to switch from this version of the OS to something else and look for a replacement for the system used, since the feeling of security and versatility in this "eight" will not leave the one who uses it for a long time. As they say:" everything elementary is simple..."and in this case, these are Golden words.

Спасибо! Всё хорошо!
Все отлично. У меня были небольшие сложности с активацией, но продавец был постоянно на связи и оперативно помог.
Я купил ключ, а он не подошёл. Прошу связаться со мной по почте alexxx20011996@gmail.com
Проблема решена,вроде всё нормально.
Приобрел ключ для Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro. Сначала ключ не подошел, но после переписки с продавцом и получения кодов подтверждения активации все получилось!
Всё работает. Спасибо.
схема стандартная
Всё отлично!
Первый и второй ключи не подошли, но продавец проявил терпение и третий ключ активировался. Обратная связь работает оперативно. Не кидалово.