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The key for the Windows 8.1 Enterprise (Update)

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If you have been looking at different operating systems for a long time, which could really please you with their work and allow you to feel as comfortable as possible, then you should pay attention to Windows 8.1 enterprise, since this version of the OS, you will probably like it.

One of the main advantages of this operating system is that it is one of the most "complete" in comparison with its "classmates", which certainly do not reach it... the Reason for this kind of inaccessibility is hidden in the fact that the operating system has maximum capabilities and can boast of simply colossal "physical" abilities to withstand diverse loads, no matter how versatile they are. Compared to other operating systems, there is everything that can only be dreamed of not only for the average PC user, but also for a more advanced user who does not just "sit around" for a PC, but actually performs work that is sometimes quite complex and requires special software designed for the corporate consumer.

What exactly does Windows 8.1 Enterprise (Update) offer?

The software component of this system is huge and it can not be compared with anything, since it contains everything that is in various operating systems, but designed for using PCs not only within the home or office... Thus, each user can use:

  • First-class interface with all the features that follow from its use. Here, you need to understand that we are talking about a huge number of OS features: a customizable environment of "Metro" tiles, the ability to launch some applications using others, the constant use of a Microsoft account to log in to your account, alternately launching several elements of one application, opening up to four Windows at the same time, there is an updated search in Bing, numerous settings and settings of desktop Wallpapers, a full-fledged start button, there is support for various keyboards up to touch, there are "Live tiles" on the "Start screen" and much more.
  • A huge selection of applications that can be considered really useful in terms of use: it is possible to use your favorite browser Internet Explorer 11, there is an initially installed Xbox SmartGlass4 with Play To / Play On, running media files is performed by means of Windows Media Player, constantly updating Metro-applications from the Windows Store, and much more.
  • Almost unlimited support for devices, both the most modern and quite "ancient": 3D printers with printing support, there is a built-in InstantGo technology, the ability to connect wireless displays to Miracast, a very simple and clear option for creating a Wi-Fi access point, the ability to support multiple monitors, an updated version of wireless printing via Wi-Fi Direct, and much more.
  • Innovative system features that become available only to those who decide to buy a Windows 8.1 Enterprise key: support for 2 physical processes (CPU), support for 512 GB of RAM, the ability to perform "Reset" and "Update", instant change of the language of the system used, full loading from VHD, unhindered mounting of an ISO or VHD image, constant receiving updates via Windows Update, and much more.
  • The most powerful security system, which is designed for its versatile use, since it has: the ability to scan binary files, run AppLocker, support BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, works with the "Family security" function, there is "Hardware data encryption", easy-to-use multi-factor authentication for BYOD, the ability to use a graphical password, a simple and clear function for deleting corporate data "remotely", the "Safe download" function, the built-in Windows Defender antivirus system, additional Windows SmartScreen antivirus system and more.
  • Multi-faceted network configuration options that can offer the consumer: a perfectly working VPN client, a Remote desktop (client) and a Remote desktop (host), there is also DirectAccess, BranchCache is not without It, there is an improved VDI, and much more.

More, you will not have any problems in the stability of your PC, because you can always get everything you need from the OS in a specific second. Day after day, the operation of this software will bring its user only joy and maximum satisfaction.

Thus, trying to find exactly the operating system that you need, you no longer need to go through anything, just simply, you need to buy Windows 8.1 license and enjoy what this program has to offer, because there is nothing better and cool, just do not find. And, as for satisfaction from the tasks performed, it is better not to give examples, and even more so not to tell how everything is cool and perfect, since it is easier to try out the OS once and forget forever about your doubts that you recently had about Windows 8.1.

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Сработало! Сомневался, конечно, но рискнул. Надеюсь что этот ключ навсегда! После очередного обновления слетела лицензия и перестал работать активатор, решить проблему захотелось по другому. Если все "прокатит" буду рекомендовать друзьям!
Прошло всё на ура!!!! Спасибо!!!
все отлично
Блин ребята! Все круто! РАБОТАЕТ хотя, я если честно очень сомневался в этом. Огромное спасибо!!! КРУТО КРУТО КРУТО
пока все нормально... винда активировалась..
все хорошо, была проблемка, продавец быстро отреагировал и решил вопрос. Рекомендую.