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Buy key for Windows 8 Pro + upgrade 8.1 Pro

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If you are one of those users who are not satisfied with the Windows 8 Pro license in the form in which it is distributed, or you are worried that by purchasing this license, it will not suit you for some reason, then you should think about buying such an activation key "eight", which will allow you to switch to a newer version of the system without any problems, compared to what you have in the guise of a simple Win 8 Pro.

Undoubtedly, Windows 8 is a new generation operating system, but whatever it is, it is worth understanding that its use is not suitable for all users, at least for the reason that this OS has a lot of new things that were not in previous versions of operating systems, which for some of you, creates discomfort in working with the OS. It is clear that you can get used to everything or learn how to use new features of the OS, but why torment yourself if you have the opportunity to just try out one version of the Windows operating system, and if necessary, start using a completely different one. This is not a tricky way to buy, and for a moderate fee, you will get almost no more than not limited features that will allow you to very simply give up one software and just as quickly, start using a new ONE. So it turns out that the transition from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro you will make it so easy that you should not even worry about it, and even more so, the time and financial costs will be so minimal that you certainly will not feel them.

The Uniqueness Of Windows 8 Pro

Note that affect all the tiny additions and software improvements we will not be able, as a lot of them, but here are the basics of the largest and most frequently used, take:

  • Visual component of the system. This is the version of the OS that can be considered truly unique, because there is nothing like this in the visual appearance before the "eight" appeared, Microsoft has not yet created. The interior of the system looks very neat, all the colors are combined with each other, and the faces look just great. All this, in its entirety, allows you to look at the software used in a completely different way and in the truest sense of the word - "admire" it in full;
  • Innovative components. There are a huge number of all, what makes this "eight" is a very unique and practical for work and play, and all of that it has the following innovations: Tiles, "M," opening access to a completely new system menu by means of which the use of intra-system environment accelerated considerably. Interaction with touch screens can also make the time spent on computers much more enjoyable, provided that there is no mouse and keyboard. Using a biometric security system that can be tied to anything: a fingerprint, an eye scan, a face scan, and so on.;
  • Advanced security system. Not only that, the familiar "defender" for many users has undergone tremendous changes and has become more versatile in terms of functional protection of the system, but also the antivirus has additional tools for adjusting the security properties of the SOFTWARE. In addition, any user can use the biometric security system, which has the feature of being tied to anything. Do not forget that the license activation of Windows 8 Pro is still able to offer simpler methods of protection in the form of passwords and PIN codes;
  • A huge range of pre-installed programs. It is worth noting that the " eight "in the" Pro " edition functions perfectly even without additional installed programs, since it is able to offer its consumers pre-installed: Browser, Paint, Camera, SkyDrive, Store, Photos, sound Recording, Notepad, WordPad, Windows Defender, and much more.

It seems to us that the above features are enough to buy Windows 8 Pro + 8.1 Pro updates and take advantage of such a multi-faceted operation in the near future.

In addition, we hope that you have managed to understand exactly what you need and whether you want to buy the "eight", which can be "upgraded" at any time and will allow you to easily move to a new level of its use in the face of one of the latest versions of OS 8.1 in the Pro edition, which is many times better than its predecessors and in some moments, is not even inferior to its more recent "Odnoklassniki".

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