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Windows 7 Home

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If you have at your disposal a relatively "weak" computer or laptop and at the same time, you have a desire to update your operating system, then you should buy Windows 7 Home Basic, since this "seven" is ideal for solving various types of tasks, regardless of their complexity.

The main advantage of this OS is that it will not load your computer much and at the same time, it will allow you to work comfortably even on "weak hardware", which is certainly convenient and undoubtedly practical. It is worth noting that the operating system of this line, makes it possible to fully use:

  • Active thumbnails. If you are not in Kura, this is a unique feature of "Windows Aero", which has the ability to expand the boundaries of the workspace on a single monitor screen. Now, you will be able to open several Windows and place them one by one, so that any open window is accessible in a single wedge. If you learn how to use this function and apply it in your work, it turns out to be very convenient in terms of use;
  • Expand the screen to multiple monitors simultaneously. If earlier, the implementation of large projects was complicated by the fact that the user was faced with the inability to increase the visual workspace, since it is not very convenient to work with a single monitor screen, now there is no such problem at all. Connect several monitor screens to your system unit and work with them at your own pleasure;
  • Support for the 64-bit OS version. This is another step to ensure that users who want to use the system for large projects and powerful gaming applications have this opportunity, but only in the face of a very simple and comprehensively accessible Windows 7 Home base. Now, you can easily upgrade your device components to more modern ones and give your PC a "new life", where it will be even faster;
  • Support 8 GB of RAM. An option that allows you to increase the operating power of the device, since it is RAM that is used by the software in order to perform calculations and as a result, the more OP it is, the better. 8 GB of RAM is not too much, but not too little. We can say that this is a kind of "average", which will be quite enough for most users;
  • Quick switching between users. If the device is used by more than one user, in this case, it is best to use the new feature that allows you to switch between users without problems. It is noteworthy in this situation that you do not need to turn off or restart the device from time to time, since the user changes without a complicated log of actions – in a few mouse clicks;
  • There is a "Desktop"Manager. This option may not be necessary for all Windows 7 users, but someone will definitely like it, since it can be used to configure the constantly displayed "Desktop". These are small things, but still very pleasant for most of those who work with the "seven".
  • -There is a "Windows mobility Center". A practical software add-on that allows you to not only see the volume, brightness, battery power, connected Internet networks, connected additional monitors, etc. in one working window, but also perform a small adjustment. Thus, there is no need to constantly search for individual software options, because everything is located in one place and is called by pressing the" win+X "hot keys.

How does Windows 7 Home Basic interact with the installed SOFTWARE?

In addition to the ability to use the above software options, no one can prevent you from installing third-party software that will allow you to work in an even more comfortable environment and perform even more various tasks. Here you should understand that the software can be completely different, because the system will perfectly cope with its processing even though it is:

  • Antivirus;
  • Photo editor;
  • Video editor;
  • Media player;
  • Text editor;
  • Graphic editor and so on.

Start using the licensed key for Windows 7 Home Basic right now, and you will notice a difference in the operation of your operating system, which will certainly be more flexible and practical… Thus, seemingly simple and having a minimal set of options, the seventh-generation operating system can boast of what no one else has. So, think about whether you should overpay for other operating systems, or whether you should use the "Home Base" version of the program in order to constantly feel confident during any work and when solving any tasks.

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