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All those users who are not afraid to buy Windows 11 Home in a completely new look and with completely new software features, for sure, they will not regret it. The reason for this is the updated structure of the system, which is built on the basis of the "tens" known to users, but with a fairly extensive number of versatile options that were absent from the predecessors. We, for our part, want to note that today Windows 11 is the best software related to Microsoft operating systems, and everything depends on the fact that it contains the following options:

  • A full-fledged Start menu that allows you to quickly get to those sections of the site that are necessary during operation;
  • Voice control-simplifies interaction with the system, especially in situations where a person has physical limitations;
  • Gesture control is an ideal addition that makes it possible to control the device without sounds;
  • The built-in voice assistant is an additional infrastructure that can become a real assistant for any user, and everything depends on the fact that" Cortana " can be used in completely different areas of work and entertainment;
  • Personalized browser "Microsoft Edge" - very popular with those users who want to buy Windows 11 for home and use modern software in order to surf the Internet in safety;
  • The multi-faceted toolkit of "Windows Ink" – the main focus of this tool is hidden in the fact that with its help users will be able to use: a touch pen, handwriting text input and much more at a completely new-more convenient level;
  • Super-technological "Windows Hello" - allows you to abandon the use of inefficient and easily cracked passwords in favor of using technological scanners of the user's biometric data;
  • Convenient " Windows Update Center – makes it possible not to limit yourself in terms of installing updates, since the OS does everything for you as quickly as possible and without additional intervention;
  • The "Reliable Boot" function-solves problems with critical operating system errors that may occur due to minor failures, which allows the system to always boot stably and without any problems;
  • The most powerful "Device Encryption" service is an additional security step that allows you to protect your device from information theft or loss of other data;
  • There is a built-in "Microsoft Passport" - a part of the outdated option, but with additional innovations and innovations that make the tool much more powerful and safer;
  • Support for additional protection in the face of "TPM" is another security step that will additionally protect the device.

As you can see, if you buy Windows 11 Home, you can get at your disposal a very extensive working toolkit, where there are simply countless possibilities, especially aimed at system security. This is what makes the simple and affordable OS edition very popular among a large number of users at first glance.

Friendliness to third-party software

I would also like to note that Windows 11 is an operating system that, despite its most modern appearance, is in excellent contact with third-party software. Of course, you need to understand that there are exceptions in terms of installing very ancient software in a modern OS environment, but for the most part, everything starts and functions just fine. Thus, if you will use this operating system, then you will not have to think about the fact that the programs you are familiar with for some reason cannot be installed.

The visual component of Windows 11

If we consider this system from the point of view of beauty and visualization, then we can say with full confidence that this version of systems from Microsoft is one of the most attractive. Here, the developers were able to combine almost everything that is possible: the softness of the color scheme, the beauty of shadows, unique 3D models, the uniqueness of rounded edges and much more.

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