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Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019

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Many PC users are still trying to delay the very moment when they have to make the transition from one software to another, and thus, they find themselves in a situation in which, on the one hand, it is time to change the software used a long time ago, and on the other on the other hand, they have some fear in this kind of replacement. Fear is most often caused by the fact that the user does not understand how he will subsequently have to behave in the environment of the OS so that his familiar: applications, programs, games and much more, fully work. We, in turn, are not going to persuade you to take specific actions, but can only recommend a transition from obsolete moral and physical software to a newer one, represented by Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019. This transition will not complicate your life, but most likely it will even make it easier, because you can get a huge working potential that will really manifest itself in everything and even in things that you never thought about.

It seems to us that the best option for changing the software on your device is the acquisition of at least two main programs, since it is imperative to change the operating system and, of course, can not do without a full replacement of the office application package. In turn, such metamorphoses with reinstalled software are most likely to be able to push you to continue changing the software and start working on more global updates of the working environment, especially since modern programs will last at least 8-10 years, and maybe more.

Why buy Windows 10 Pro?

This edition of the tenth generation system differs from its classmates in that it was able to acquire more extensive functionality that can be useful to both the average layman at home and the user who uses his device for work purposes. Of course, there are more extensive editions in terms of functionality, but they are mostly needed only by users working in some highly specialized areas. Thus, to buy a new Windows 10 Pro costs almost everyone, without exception, because it will be useful in any area of user activity:

  • Home use;
  • Training use;
  • Working use.

In addition, many of you do not even realize: “What are the advantages that the use of the“ tens ”with its updated functionality hides?” Although it’s worth paying attention to each user in the first place, since here there are the following options that are divided on sub sections:

Intelligent security

  • Windows Hello for business - it is possible to log into the Windows system and the Azure service without using a password, but only biometric data;
  • BitLocker and BitLocker to Go - data protection provided that the device is lost;
  • Windows Information Protection - protection of information from any leaks;
  • Credential Guard in Windows Defender - protection of very important data by isolating it and gaining access to it only by "privileged" users;
  • System Guard in Windows Defender - protection of embedded software components and its configuration;
  • Exploit Guard in Windows Defender - protection against viruses of "blackmailers" whose work is based on a file-free attack system;
  • Antivirus program "Windows Defender" - a full-fledged antivirus that provides the system with maximum protection.

Simplified Updates

  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) - designed for IT professionals who can buy Windows 10 Pro activation and, thanks to its capabilities, deploy updates from Microsoft in the shortest possible time;
  • Windows Update Center for Business - the most simple support for all software in working condition with a minimum of additional user actions;
  • Windows Insider Program for Business - opens up the possibility of using new features and capabilities from the "preliminary testing" assemblies;
  • Express updates - I can unload the network from installing monthly update packages;
  • Optimization of delivery - makes it possible to use the "peer-to-peer model" in order to deliver OS updates.

Flexible management options

  • Terminal mode - enables organizations to “create” terminals with severely limited capabilities;
  • General devices Windows - opens the possibility for organizations to quickly configure and perform support for those devices that are considered "specialized";
  • Windows Autopilot - gives you the ability to quickly configure new devices subject to the use of "cloud technology";
  • Junction to the hybrid Azure Active Directory - will open access to the connection of local devices that have registration in Active Directory to Azure Active Directory;
  • Magazine Microsoft Store for business - a more extensive boarding platform - A store that opens the prospect of selecting and acquiring new software;
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - a fairly safe and of course unified device management tools;
  • Management of mobile applications (MAM) - personal devices will be available to employees of the company without the additional help of IT specialists.

Increased productivity

  • Search (Microsoft) in Windows - extremely fast search in the local and cloud shell;
  • User experience of working with Windows - all the basic tools of the system can be attributed to the "basic", which does not scatter the user's attention to new training;
  • Microsoft Edge - multifunctional browser with its own unique look and functionality;
  • Cortana - built-in voice assistant;
  • Board (Microsoft) - an additional area of software for uniting users, both in terms of ideas and in terms of work;
  • Work on various devices - almost all applications for Windows 10 can be run on other devices, which makes it possible to switch between devices;
  • Special features - the system remembers your needs and adapts to you. This is the best option for people with physical disabilities.

As for the functionality of Office 2019 ProPlus, it’s not so simple as it might seem at first glance, because this version of the program is not badly “expanded” and can also offer the user the widest possible functionality in the form of the following applications:

  • Word - text formatting in an attractive document with pictures and new media files;
  • Excel - working with tables in various directions and using unique formulas to speed up the calculation process;
  • Outlook - work with e-mail with numerous: functions, filters, etc;
  • PowerPoint - Association: photo, video, music, text, etc., in high-quality projects - presentations;
  • Access - work with DBMS databases from Microsoft and not only;
  • Publisher - the most simple and extremely clear use of tools related to page layout.

Additional Internet Services

  • Skype for business - an easy way to communicate with your: friends, relatives and work colleagues;
  • OneDrive - storage for data storage up to 1 TB.

It seems to us that it’s worth buying Office 2019 activation, since it is a first-class office software that can give odds to any competitor, since it will not be difficult to outrun an opponent for such a “soft-harvester”.

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