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Windows 10 Pro for WorkStations

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If you consider the purchase of the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, then you should understand that this is not the version of the operating system that you might already be familiar with, because this OS is built on the "dozens" platform, but has a completely different focus than ordinary Windows systems. More specifically, the focus of this system is directed directly at those users who pay enough attention to their computers and try to make them as powerful as possible. It is for this reason that this system is ideal for computers and laptops that have at their disposal the most advanced hardware that is intended not only for games, but also for work.

I would like to note that Microsoft has not produced so much specialized software for a long time and as a result, the 20-year break went in this case only for the benefit of all those who were engaged in designing and creating Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, because the product turned out exactly what it had to be and how millions of PC users around the world wanted to see it. The developers themselves, when they created this software, said that it was primarily aimed at:

  • "server-level hardware";
  • "solving critical tasks";
  • "intensive loads".

But as time showed, all of the above was just the beginning...

In addition, Microsoft claims that at the time when Windows 10 WorkStations license is fully ready, it will be able to be used by PC users in quite a number of different areas, but the main ones will still be the following:

  • The system supports the use of the new "Workstation mode", which was designed specifically to enable you to increase computing and graphic loads during work or entertainment. Thanks to the new function, each user has the opportunity not only to work with the system in a constant operational mode of it for 100%, but only to periodically activate it and, if necessary, to deactivate it.
  • The system supports the "ReFS" file system, which means that the stability to failures and all sorts of problems with system files that you met earlier when using file systems like "NTFS" or "FAT32" are here reduced to a minimum.
  • The system supports the "SMBDirect" protocol, which means that the processing speed of various files on the network will increase several times.
  • The system supports advanced hardware support, so the system will be suitable for work on PCs that have at least 4 processors and 6 terabytes of memory.

Just think! All of the above is superior to the existing operating system capacities, at least 2 times, and if we add to this the fact that this OS will gradually evolve in the future, it becomes clear that already in the near future, it will be even more powerful. Thus, more recently, the most powerful iron that could not prove itself 100%, already tomorrow, will be able to turn into the most unique system man who has really fantastic prospects for his own development.

We hope that all of the above has allowed you to understand that Windows 10 pro for Workstation keys to date - it's really the future behind which is much more than you can imagine. It is for this reason that this OS is beginning to be acquired today, as it is already tomorrow, it may turn out that it will be worth several times more expensive, and all because of the fact that it will have much more working functions and will increase the working capacity severalfold .

Все работает отлично!
Всё хорошо, работает. Рекомендую продавца.
Были проблемы с автоматической активацией, но продавец очень оперативно отреагировал на моё обращение, и помог активировать виндовс в телефонном режиме. Продавца рекомендую!
Честно.Оперативно. Быстро.
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Все супер активировалос
Все активировалось без проблем!
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Спасибо, активация прошла успешно.