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It often happens that a user who works with one of the editions of the operating systems developed by Microsoft finds himself in a situation where support for his favorite OS gradually ends and the program remains operational, but with the ability to receive constant updates from the developers themselves. Of course, in such a situation it is necessary to instantly react to the user and replace the outdated software with a newer one, but: “What if you do if it is not possible due to a number of circumstances?” The answer to this question has long been known and Initially, a user who is interested in the long-term operation of the system, use more powerful and advanced software in this regard. That is why, this time we recommend to all our potential customers to buy Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, since this edition of the program is not at all the same as its predecessors and it has those options that can make it even more qualitative and valuable in terms of work in various directions on a long-term basis. But no matter how it was there, let's get everything in order...

The undeniable advantages of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 on 2 PC

  • Price. There is a purchase of more than one license key for the activation of the system, and two, which leads to a decrease in the cost of activating the software.
  • Long term support period. Compared with other editions of the tenth generation systems, namely “LTSC”, this is the very program that can allow everyone to work in their software environment not to think that in a couple of years the software support will be finished from the side of its development. This program is being developed with the perspective of full functioning and support for decades.
  • The system is designed directly for corporate clients. This OS has a very interesting structure, as it differs from its colleagues in the shop, at least in that it has a huge number of versatile applications and its security level is several times higher than that of similar software. Here it is worth noting that the stability and “endurance” of the OS is also one of the best, so not only corporate clients can work with such software, but also those of you who value their time and performance of the computer as a whole.
  • Updates. This is a separate aspect of this program, since it is based on the fact that the system receives only “stable” revisions of updates. It is due to this approach to receiving updates that you will be protected from numerous problems that arise with enviable regularity with the systems of users who use other editions of the OS.
  • The speed of work. We have already written that using license keys of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, you get the opportunity to work with a very stable and secure system, but even with all this, its speed of operations is one of the fastest. The software instantly reacts to all user actions, which allows you not to worry about the system response time when performing any work.

Unique add-ons in Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 on 2 PC

  • The system was able to get a cloud clipboard.
  • There is a dark theme for the "Explorer".
  • SwiftKey has been added.
  • Added application "Your phone", which is suitable for users of devices with Android and iPhone.
  • It is possible to perform a "preview search".
  • There has been a cardinal update application for creating screenshots.
  • Now you can customize HDR displays.
  • Work with mobile networks has become several times better.
  • It is possible to hide the borders of the windows, which gives the style "Acrylic".
  • The application "Mail", learned to ignore the default browser used.
  • The familiar “Windows Defender” has been reworked and is now called “Windows Security”.
  • Installation of fonts can be easily performed without administrator rights.
  • In the "Task Manager" has been added information about energy consumption.
  • Now you can increase the text.
  • The OS has the ability to predict the time when it is better to reboot the system.
  • The game panel has changed.
  • “Managing wireless screen projection” has changed.
  • New “smiles” have been added.
  • A large-scale update of the Skype application for Windows 10 has been made.
  • Added extended support for string translation in the Notepad application.
  • Made numerous changes and additions to the Notepad application itself.
  • In "Bash" it became possible to use hot keys for copying and pasting.
  • It is possible to authorize the launch of Linux in Explorer.
  • If necessary, you can use "Bing" to search in the Notepad application.
  • Updated tools to view diagnostic data.
  • It has become easier to set up as a digital display.
  • There is a huge amount of additional settings for more experienced users who have not the last relation to developers and system administrators.

Considering the entire list of changes presented above, which you can see firsthand in Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 on 2 PC, you immediately realize that you are not familiar with the operating system that you could have used before - this is something more! Due to such fullness with versatile options, the OS has become many times more powerful and now has the ability to position itself in a completely different way, because its working capabilities have become many times more extensive, and the functional boundaries that give every single user almost infinite scales are exactly what You wanted so much time at your disposal from the modern operating system of the new generation.

By purchasing Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, you are making a contribution to your future, which will surely be carefree and trouble-free, since the level of performance of this system is so great that it will last for decades.

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