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Screenshot of the license of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

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Today, we invite you to windows server 2008 to buy a license, since quite a long time, this software takes the leading place among the operating systems that have a lot more options than anyone else. It is clear that there is no question about something beyond incredible, but it is necessary to understand that it is in this version of the OS available system capacity "class data center." Thus, software of this magnitude can easily maintain server operations that are simply too much for the rest of the operating system, no matter what kind of version you want to use and how much you powerful "iron". There even are not talking about simple machines, because the use of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter initially assumes under itself no more, no less, and eight-core processors that can handle quite large centralized data storage in one or not-how many server clusters.

It is worth noting that moment, that due to flexible setup and versatility, the OS gives in just a colossal scale settings, which in itself is convenient, because at any time you may need to expand the operating capacity or will demand their reduction ... More you will not problems with the fact that you do not have the possibility to configure certain options under the specific requirements of the work environment, and all of that any problem here and this hour to be easy on you just satisfiability without any problems!

We hope that now you understand is why it is necessary to buy keys for windows server 2008, which, although they have a common origin with the family of «Windows», but are a separate cohort of software ready flip your understanding of how things should work on a larger scale than the server to store two offices, or for a couple of computers in the office.