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Screenshot of Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional

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Actually, if we consider the key to activate Windows 8 for your personal purchase, then we can say with full confidence that this is the same version of the OS that is sure you will enjoy. The main advantage of this product is that it is an innovative development of Microsoft, which for many years of their operating systems, has decided once and for all to move away from the many stereotypes and simply just to create something new that would entirely change the time conducted for PC users. It is clear that much of what has been implemented at the initial stage of the development of Windows 8 was perceived quite correctly, and all of that ordinary man in the street did not want to go on to something new and seek to move away from old patterns of work with the operating system ... But as if there was not, but Microsoft did not stop and continued their work, which ultimately resulted in the fact that there was running Windows 8.1 !!! This new version of the OS, and became practically the final masterpiece, which does not require rework on the part of developers and have minimal negative from the users, because finally they took what they offered developers the most correct and correctly!

Just here it is and make your focus about what got users from Windows 8.1, because it is left unattended is simply not possible:

  • We should also mention the new "Metro" menu, which is made easier and at the same time, it has become easier to work with, because everything was in its place, and, if necessary, you can always edit it;
  • There was even greater stability in the work, ready to surprise anyone who will dare to test it, because the operating system has become withstand such loads, which until recently it could just load the maximum, and it would be in the best case is hung;
  • There are new software components, which in turn, allows all users to work in the operating system in most cases, without using all sorts of add-ons in the face of software and applications;
  • There are numerous settings that is ideal in order to create the OS in a work environment, which will perfectly fit not only your mood, but also your work, and it is at times more practical, because all will be in place.

All of the above, it is only the main aspects of the operating system, you can instantly see and feel the condition that you will have available to activation key Windows 8.1, which you can use for other purposes, and awake to benefit from this use only the most positive in every sphere of work and entertainment while on the computer or laptop.

Все быстро и четко
Активация прошла успешно,продавец отвечает на сообщения и помогает
Покупал у этого продавца Microsoft Office Активировать сначала не получалось, но после обращения к продавцу, который оказал полную поддержку и помог активировать всё заработало. Всё лицензионное! Очень доволен. Огромное спасибо!
Спасибо огромное продавцу!!! Были проблемы при активации но продавец полностью сделал сопровождение и помог установить и активировать программу!!! Очень благодарен!
Товар пришел моментально все гуд советую
Все хорошо!
Не первый раз покупаю у ребят продукт, и, как обычно, всё на высоте!!!
Спасибо! Активация прошла успешно!
Продавец всегда на связи, всё работает. Чётко! Спасибо!
Спасибо большое , сначала не получилось . написал в поддержку и сразу помогли