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Keys Microsoft Office 365 for Houses (5 + 5 PC tablets) for 1 year

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Experience the endless possibilities of the most popular programs with the Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription. In this version, you are waiting for advanced components of the Office 2019 line of applications for Windows and Mac.

The product is designed for 5 computers and 5 tablets, which will allow you and your family members to use the wide functionality of Microsoft Office to solve various problems on any device, in almost all corners of the planet. In addition, each user will be provided with 1 TB of free space in the OneDrive cloud for data storage, which will make his work as comfortable and mobile as possible.

Another nice bonus of subscribing MS Office 365 for home to 5 PCs + 5 tablets is 60 minutes of Skype calls for each user. Install the application on your device and call your friends and relatives on landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world for free!

Microsoft Office 365 subscription for home has many benefits. The license is designed for one year, and during this time, you will receive all updates and new versions of applications. You will have access to new features and services immediately after they are created, while when you purchase Office 2019 packages, you are depriving yourself of such an opportunity and you will need to wait for software innovations to appear indefinitely.

Also, do not forget that in case of problems, holders of an official subscription can always contact Microsoft support specialists and get free advice by phone or other communication channels.

Key Affordable Office 365 Apps

In fact, the home edition of the program has a number of limitations, but even despite this, the software boasts, albeit not a large number of “tools”, but at the same time, it is very popular, since they are almost basic today for any user:

  • Word is a powerful text editor. Be prepared for the fact that with this application the processing of text documents will not become an obstacle for you, since you can model your projects in the way you need so that the end result is at its best;
  • Excel is a powerful table editor. You should not think about the fact that this application will only allow you to create tables and make it possible to edit information in them, because the software is capable of performing more ambitious tasks, where there will be: filters, formulas, advanced visual design and much more;
  • PowerPoint is a powerful presentation editor. This software will be correctly positioned as software that is designed to create unique presentations. If earlier, a presentation with a large number of slides and information needed to be created for a long time and with the help of sophisticated software, now everything is much simpler, but the final result is much better;
  • Outlook is a powerful personal manager. The uniqueness of this software is hidden in that it is capable of performing, on the one hand, functions that are inherent only to a personal manager, and on the other hand, everything is tied to the use of e-mail with numerous optional features.

Affordable Microsoft Office 365 Home Subscription

With us, you can buy Microsoft Office 365 for home for 5 PCs + 5 tablets at an affordable price for 1 year, for which you can do a huge amount of work. Each of your projects will become more and more large-scale due to the fact that the experience of using the software will give you incomparable skills that cannot be obtained anywhere, when studying various online courses without the practice of using a workable program. Thus, the acquisition of this software will allow any holder to experience a new level of working edges that they would not want to leave even after several years of using Office 365.

After a year, each user will be able to independently decide whether to continue to use this software or whether he should refuse it, since he could not satisfy his needs, although this is unlikely.

Товар оплатил но не получил . Поэтому отзыв о ТОВАРЕ не могу составить. Но отзыв об продавце могу. Человек не имеет того товара который выставляет. Я оплатил его 25.08. в 14-30. Ни через час ( как говорят на сайте) ни через пять часов я товара не увидел. Сегодня продавец вернул деньги . Но зачем эти "качели" до сих пор не ясно. Нет в наличии товара ? Зачем на него объявлять продажу и брать предоплату.
Всё в порядке как всегда ;-)
Пришёл код от другого продукта, однако поддержка сработала отлично, сразу же выслали верный код для нужной программы. Доволен
Указано, что это офис 365 для дома...но по факту оказался офис профессиональный для бизнеса (proplus)и этим ключом нельзя продлить домашнюю подписку... спасибо за обратную связь с продавцом, вопрос решили оперативно.
Все супер! Сначала даже подумал, что есть какой-то подвох. Но нет все на высоте. Ключ пришел мгновенно, активировался без проблем. Буду рекомендовать Вас всем своим знакомым.
Товар получен,все хорошо
Microsoft Office 365 активировался без проблем! Ключ пришел сразу после оплаты, все работает, очень доволен своей покупкой!