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Microsoft office 2016 Standard 1 PC

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It's a pleasure to work with a computer, but only on the condition that licensed software is installed on it, that's why, we recommend that you buy Office 2016 Standard on 1 computer and forget about all kinds of problems that you had before. The peculiarity of this software is that it is in the literal sense of the word a real "universal" and thanks to this, everyone can use it. The program itself is easy to use and has a completely understandable interface, but at the same time, its tools are not limited, but have a fully-filled workspace.

Thanks to this program, your time will be several times more productive for the computer and you will be able to perform many more working moments for it, which until recently you were not available, just the main list of applications that will be available to you:

  • Microsoft Word 2016 is a little more than a regular text editor, or the "Notepad" habitual for most of you. An application that has the ability to work with text documents in completely different directions. In addition, you decide how your work will look and can adjust it to your requirements with the help of: markup, fonts, inserted pictures, color scheme of the text or page, and so on.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 is not just a "grid" of cells, but a toolkit that allows you to independently set the size of cells and make the information you need. The application also has a huge range of options for customizing and visualizing the external appearance of everything that you bring into your working project. In addition, you have the opportunity, thanks to the tabular system of data distribution, to make the fastest calculations.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - have any of you ever before not used this application? You should not have done it in vain! Only after trying just once to work with this unique set of tools, you get an opportunity to understand exactly how the toolkit is designed, which allows you to create high-quality presentations with the maximum number of possible settings.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 - say "no" to the usual email client, because if you use Microsoft Office 2016 Standard to buy and start using it fully, you will only use this application. The peculiarity of this mail client is that it has a lot of filters and even more settings. In addition, hacking it is not easy.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016 - the usual notebooks and notebooks with this application will remain in the distant past, as it is an innovative software product that works perfectly and does not allow the user to forget anything. In this electronic notebook you can make any data, even with the help of handwritten text or geometric figures, which you will draw with your own hand.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016 is an inconspicuous application at first glance, which has much more working capabilities to set up fields and create page layout than all the others. This is exactly the application that is ideal for this, so be prepared to learn how to work with it, because it will certainly be able to interest you with your capabilities for high-quality projects.
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) - maybe this will seem strange to some of you, but it is this addition in the form of a virtual application that will allow you to increase the efficiency several times, because you can work with all the above applications directly from the cloud and at the same time, using any convenient gadget that allows you to get to it from anywhere in the world.

The above is not all that can really push you to buy MS Office 2016 Standard for 1 PCs, but in any case, even the applications listed above, you will surely have plenty to do, to make your choice in the direction of this program, rather than abandon it. Only after starting to work with such a high-quality software, you will understand that you can not change it for something more simple or not licensed, you do not want to.

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Отлично, спасибо!)
Моя благодарность продавцу. Покупал Microsoft Office 2016 стандарт. Активация продукта прошла успешно (с первого раза).
Супер! Всё работает! Спасибо!
Уже много раз пользовался данным магазином, все работает отлично. Как и в этот раз! Спасибо за качественную услугу.
Покупаю продукты в этом магазине не первый раз. Все устанавливается и активируется без проблем. Продавцу моя громадная благодарность!
Все отлично работает, постоянно покупаю тут.
Выбрал товар, оплатил обычной картой и тут же пришло на почту с понятной инструкцией. Все работает!
Большое спасибо ! Все загрузилось,все работает
Установил и активировал офис без проблем. Пользуюсь с удовольствием, ещё не разу не подводил. До этого использовал "крякнутый офис", месяц-полтора и систему глючило, приходилось переустанавливать всё. Пробовал бесплатными офисами (либре и опен), не хватало кое-каких функций (может они и есть, но так и не смог их найти).