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McAfee Internet Security 2019 - 5 years / 1 PC

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Many of you, bumping into antivirus software in the face of McAfee 2019 are experiencing some kind of “deja vu”, because on the one hand, the name of the antivirus is familiar to them, but on the other hand, with such software, they seem to work would have never happened before. Such vague thoughts come to you for the reason that the software presented is a very well-known protective product that has been present on the software market for many years and having the opportunity for it, periodically install free or partially-free McAfee editions on their computers and laptops. It is for this reason that it is not impossible to call this protective software a newbie on the market, because he knows his moods and can allow everyone to take advantage of himself and enjoy those protective options that are present in him, and there are not a few of them.

In this case, we are considering the revision of the Internet Security 2019 antivirus, which means that we have one of the most powerful program options in front of us, where there is simply an enormous number of versatile options for configuring and protecting as antivirus itself, and making adjustments to the computer. Here are just the main points that you will immediately notice when you start using this software:

  • Real-time protection - allows you to instantly calculate malware: programs, spyware, viruses, and so on, in order to timely carry out the elimination of this evil. The security system of the program is modeled in such a way that it tries to prevent an intrusion even before the dangerous code penetrates the system.
  • Outdated scanner - thanks to this add-on, anti-virus software takes the responsibility to search for official versions of updates for outdated software. Due to this, the user may not worry that the program is outdated and he can not update it, because this problem will no longer exist.
  • Built-in firewall - allows you to complement the protection of the system by means of a barrier that will constantly monitor applications and their interaction with the Internet connection. As soon as third-party software (without your knowledge) makes an attempt to make an Internet connection and send or receive data, the firewall will immediately block it.
  • Parental control - in some cases, to buy McAfee Internet Security 2019 is simply necessary, because the software of this level has an excellent opportunity to protect the child at the computer. There will be no more problems in order to restrict children behind a PC by means of installing third-party software, since there is always the possibility to configure the antivirus and forget about the problems.
  • Online storage system - in each OS there are some data that are most important to the user, which means that you will like the ability to back up such data and store them in a “cloud” that is protected from prying eyes and is always available to you.
  • Module QuickClean - allows you to clean the system and thereby speeds up its performance. Cleaning is performed in the direction of obsolete and unused system files, which only slow down the interaction between the user and the computer.
  • The function of irreversible deletion - with the help of this function, you will be able to delete those files that you want so that no one has the opportunity to restore. Software overwrites data on hard drives so that they disappear completely.
  • The function "My home network" - will allow you to track all devices connected to your network. Thanks to this monitoring, you can always know which devices are working on the network, and which ones are disconnected from it. In addition, this is another additional protection option that allows you to protect the "network" from the intrusion of strangers into it.
  • Module "SiteAdvisor" - provides an opportunity to get a complete picture of the site, without visiting it. With this add-on, it is possible to protect themselves from fraudulent resources with: viruses, phishing, and so.

Surely, you noticed that the basic protective capabilities of McAfee 2019 are quite extensive compared to what you could imagine before becoming acquainted with this program. It is due to its versatility, this software and selects a huge number of users around the world, because they appreciate not only the practicality of the program, but also its cost intertwined with the term of work, and here, it is 5 years! Thus, installing this program, you can completely forget about what you need from year to year to think about protecting your system, because licensed McAfee 2019 can do everything for you.

Also, I would like to note the working interface of the program, which cannot be ignored, because any PC user will be able to deal with the antivirus, regardless of the experience of using a computer. This program is very easy to learn and has a huge number of intuitive tips, each of which can allow the user to get at his disposal exactly the option of setting up an antivirus program, which he needs.

It seems to us that McAfee Internet Security 2019 is 5 years old / 1 PC is the best antivirus option for acquiring computers and programs in modern realities, because it is aimed at the future, where, according to its developers, everything should be extremely simple in terms of settings, but also unshakably, in terms of protecting the system.