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F-Secure Internet Security 2018 - 270 days / 3 PC

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Sometimes, in order to increase the level of protection of your computer or laptop, the user has to resort to some kind of tricks, among which can be noted:

  • Complete replacement of the old antivirus with a new one.
  • Use at least two antiviruses on one device.

It is clear that all this looks quite funny from the outside, because not all PC users have to resort to such procedures, but when the moment comes that you cannot do without the above described actions, then most of you start to panic. Panic is triggered by the fact that you simply do not know what it is possible to choose for your device so that it is protected no worse than before, but at the same time, it also had additional barriers of protection. It is for those who are looking and do not know what to choose, we recommend to buy F-Secure Internet Security 2018, which will allow you to protect 3 devices for a period of 270 days at a time!

Why choose F-Secure Internet Security 2018?

Of course, compared to the well-known developers of security software, this version of software may seem quite minimal to you, but it is worth considering the fact that it is filled with, if not a large number of versatile options, but giving very powerful protection from any side that can be subject to attacks from the outside. Here are the main points for which this wonderful software is worth buying:

  • The minimum cost. Agree that for such a ridiculous amount of money, in the modern realities, you can not get anything else to buy for your device’s maximum protection. It is clear that there is an opportunity to use free analogues, but they, certainly, will not be able to reach the level of security offered by this program.
  • The number of devices. Not everyone, even the most expensive antivirus, can allow the user to protect three devices at a time, and this software has this capability and allows you to perform all the protection processes at the highest level of security.
  • Full system protection. Due to the fact that there is an opportunity to buy F-Secure 2018, each user decides for himself how to work - interact with this product, since the Anti-Virus can function itself - without outside intervention, or it can be tweaked by you for themselves. It all depends on how skeptical you are about virus threats and how you intend to use your device.
  • Protecting children online. In order that your child does not run into intruders on the Internet or is not on the site’s pages that he is not recommended to view at his age, this “protector” will independently protect your child from all the “garbage” that may fall upon him.
  • Privacy Detector. An interesting innovation that will appeal to those of you who are obsessed with complete confidentiality, because the Anti-Virus makes it almost possible to become invisible to attackers on the Internet. As soon as you go to the network, proactive protection is activated, which hides all your traces, which increases the security of the system at times.
  • Secure payments. It will be even easier to pay on the Internet, since all fraudulent sites will be automatically eliminated, and the entered data of cards and passwords, the browser and other programs will no longer be “seen”.
  • Scan and Scan. A program of such a level has not been done without the introduction of quite ordinary options in the form of “Checks” and “Scanning” of the system, all files present and coming to the hard disk by modern standards. It does not matter if you have a virus in the OS or if it is only going to penetrate there, the Anti-Virus will scan and immediately eliminate the threat.
  • Intellectual hints. When performing a system scan, the software will be able to prompt you to the most vulnerable zones, where they will most often try to “hit” viruses in order to break through the weakened protection. Having listened to the advice of the Anti-Virus, you can easily close the gaps and almost immediately notice that the level of attacks and attempts to hack your system has decreased significantly.

Of course, the F-Secure 2018 antivirus has a much larger list of possibilities to compare with what we could present above, but this is because we only affected the most important options and features of the program. If you start using this software, from the first minutes it will be possible to notice that it is really well-made and has enormous potential, which surely will continue to be developed by its creators and in the near future will turn an already powerful file protection program into a unique “Bastion”, which will not be completely unaffected by a single malware or its similarity.

Maximum computer protection does not always have to be expensive, because sometimes you can buy a real anti-virus masterpiece for a penny and enjoy using it for more than one month!