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Stock! A gift for feedback! + SUPERPRISE 3000 rubles!

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Dear friends! We know that you like to participate in various Promotions and Contests that are held at Gold-nm.biz, for this reason, we decided to please you with a new promotion that will allow you to get not only a good mood, but a first-class prize! This Action is timed to the last days of autumn, which, for sure, all of you could already be remembered by the bright colors of golden foliage and the beautiful sunbeams of the autumn sun. We hope that the new promotion will allow you to rejoice in the wonderful time of the year and remember it for the rest of your life!

About prizes

It is worth noting that this time, everyone who will take part in our Action will be rewarded, and a particularly lucky participant will get SUPERPRISE!

  • Anyone who decides to leave a review about the purchase made in our online store will receive a license activation key for Anti-Virus or Office for PC.
  • One of the most lucky users, will get SUPERPRISE, which will be 3000 rubles.

How to participate in the Promotion?

  • Anyone who made at least one purchase on Gold-nm.biz can become a participant of the Action.
  • After making a purchase, you should check the efficiency of the activation key and go to Vseotzyvy.ru in order to here, leave your feedback about perfect purchase.

What can lead to disqualification from the Promotion?

An attempt to deceive the Administration of Gold-nm and Vseotzyvy on the following items:

  • Creating a large number of accounts and leaving different names for different reviews.
  • An attempt to wind the "husks" with a specific recall.
  • Other fraudulent / deceptive acts that may be illegal, and lead to a decrease in the reputation / credibility of the above projects.

Terms of the Promotion

If you read this news, it can only mean one thing... "Gift for your feedback! + SUPERPRISE 3000 rubles! "Is already running and you can take part in it. The action ends on 30.11.2017 at 23:59 Moscow time.

Criteria for selecting the main winner of the Promotion

The main criterion for selecting the main winner in the Promotion, which will receive 3,000 rubles from our site, will be the most suitable tip for the following requirements:

  • Maximum deployed.
  • The most understandable.
  • Maximum description of the purchase and further use of the activation key.
  • Possible reasons for contacting you in the support service and solving the problems that have arisen.

The administration reserves the right to make corrections and amendments to the general rules of the competition.