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Adguard Premium 1 year

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The speed of development of a viral niche in modern realities of computers and other gadgets is so fast flowing that often the average user does not have time to recover, as his OS is infected or blocked by an incomplete virus, but something , no less dangerous than the usual viruses. Just for such cases, we recommend everyone, to buy Adguard Premium, as it has the opportunity to become a full-fledged add-on for any antivirus and thereby, will increase the security of the system several times, regardless of what you use: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other gadget.

What is the uniqueness of the Adguard Premium platform?

For most people, it will be a discovery that this software is not a full-fledged antivirus, although it does have some of the makings of it, only this software works in its unique style and boasts of immense possibilities, which are aimed at the following aspects of maintaining the system:

  • Block and control pop-up ads in the form of intrusive windows and banners, which are currently so common on the Internet.
  • Blocking phishing Internet resources that are constantly striving to take possession of your money or payment details in order to further steal money from your account.
  • Block all the numerous threats trying to enter the system from the "outside". It is the control of viral activity from the Internet - this is one of the main tasks of this software.
  • The possibility of continuous monitoring of the child at the computer or other device. Here you can fully control directly online activity, and not just protect your child from unwanted resources.

An important point if you want to use licensed Adguard Premium, is that this software is directly related to such resources as:

  • Google Safe Browsing;
  • Web of Trust (WOT);
  • Malwaredomains.

Due to the constant monitoring and updating of the databases of the above resources, the user is always informed in a timely manner that his favorite site began to work differently from earlier and now it’s worth giving up. In addition, daily updates of the lists, work in the opposite direction, because if the Internet resource is cleared of various "evil spirits", then the danger mark is removed from it.

Adguard Premium has the following security components

  • Antibanner - block all pop-up ads.
  • Antiphishing - block all fraudulent resources.
  • Antitracking - hiding your actions in the network.
  • Parental control - online monitoring of finding children in the network.
  • Safe search - allows you to not worry about the search results in the network.
  • Password protection - increase the protection of the device by entering a security password.
  • Solutions for social networks and video advertising - an innovative filter for a more pleasant and safer time spent on social networks.
  • Browser extensions - constant control of browsers and hiding unwanted ads in them.
  • Assistant manual control - will block directly in the browser, any element of the site.
  • Log, monitoring and statistics - collect all the necessary information for statistical data on: locks, attacks, and so on.
  • Localization and regional filters - the ability to customize filters associated with specific regions.
  • Round-the-clock technical support - a constant opportunity to contact support to get answers to specific questions that interest you.
  • Daily updates to the blacklist database - constantly updating the program and increasing its security capabilities.

As you can see, Adguard Premium for PC or for Android devices, in any case, is ideal for most of the users, because the software, despite its prostate, has a fairly large number of protective functions and this in itself is very practical.

How difficult is it to master Adguard Premium?

In fact, such a program is not difficult to master, especially if you have previously had experience using software that has at least something to do with OS protection. But, even if we assume that you have never encountered anything like this before, it will not be difficult to learn how to work with this program. Here, everything is built on the fact that the user has the opportunity of full-fledged - intuitive access to certain program options and to be able to use them in the way that benefits him. That allows you not to think for a long time how to set up one or another filter, because everything is done with a few clicks and it’s clear to the rhinestone, the device’s protection was weak or, on the contrary, weakened.

We also note that at the “standard” settings, this software has the ability to work without any problems and it is very convenient, because you should use Adguard Premium Android key or activate Adguard Premium key Windows and immediately, you can use the software, especially if you do not want to adjust something for themselves.

Summing up...

It is worth noting that today, Adguard security software is one of the best add-on options that can be installed on your device. Its practicality lies in the fact that it has more advanced working options for protection, which makes it more versatile than its colleagues in the shop and as a result, turns it into a very powerful tool in the form of numerous additions, which certainly will not be superfluous even for famous antivirus software.

In addition, by modern standards, the price tag for the program is so minimal that you don’t begin to understand that it’s better to use something like that and protect the system from any viral problems than to save a few kopeks and then end up in a situation where give the PC to the service in order to clean it from the "infection" that it settled.

Thus, if we talk about the purchase of additional security software, then Adguard Premium for 1 year is the best option for the program, which is certainly worthy of your attention.