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About us

Why us?

The main advantage of online Project Gold-nm.biz by comparison with others, it is that it can be considered one of the biggest and constantly developing in a particular direction - the sale of the license activation keys for various software. Compared to other online stores, we are able to offer the usual PC users incredible prices on the license activation keys, which are several times cheaper than you can imagine this is only present, and all of what we do not purchase products from publishers or intermediaries, each of which has its own sales% of the profits!

We purchase products directly - from suppliers who have proven themselves only with the positive side, which is in itself beneficial to both them and us, because the number at the same time acquired their keys just enormous, as we are much more convenient time to acquire hundreds or even thousands license activation keys have proven people than buying individual keys is not clear who ...

About us
In addition, it is worth noting that moment, that our project has been around long enough – from 2009, and it is as you know a great time, which allowed us to overcome the incredible number of challenges and obstacles that arise in our way. Due to all that happened to us and to our customers for years of existence Gold-nm.biz, we can confidently say that there is no unsolvable problems of each situation, there is a way, that somehow due to concrete actions and receipt of a particular situation, at least experience, and as a maximum, additional opportunities for personal development in different directions.

Due to the fact that we are not the first year on the market, we managed to collect one of the largest portfolios of the comments that the data point to close 6500, and that says a lot - in fact grateful clients often write a lot!

In addition, in six years, we have managed to sell about 30000 all kinds of license activation keys, which by modern standards, online stores have a narrow specialization, a huge amount!

Also, we have "Business-level system WebMoney», which is increasing every day, which allows to say that the purchase performed by customers of our site is constantly taking place not stop not for an hour, and it says only that trust us!

It is worth noting that we have the largest database of license activation keys collected in one place and a component 70 selling products all the time!

All of the above does not allow us to relax and makes us move forward only, and therefore, we are developing with each passing day more and more in the moments kakih-to adapts to customers and innovative trends of the market and grow-grow-grow ... all competitors for evil!

If you have doubts about the acquisition we have any licensed product, advises "on ferment" in sections of the site, read the reviews, see the activity of the users of our web project, and to understand that all of this, only the "real people" who write their reviews and ask questions only a token of his gratitude, or from the fact that they really care about anything!

We do not want to show the people around us that we are the best online store selling license activation keys, we're just doing our job as well that for others it just looks perfect!