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how to shop

If you are interested in licensed products, which distributes our online store, you should choose the most suitable payment option you liked the product. Payment pages Gold-nm.biz It is made as quickly as possible and does not require the user to not have any additional actions other than what you have to choose a specific product with specific parameters.

In order to do that we have to buy, you need to:
  • Select required licensed product;
  • Click on the "Buy" button (it has a "contrary" / "under" all available to buy goods) .;
  • Choose from the available ways to pay for goods the one that you think would be most appropriate for you;
  • Perform input E-mail address into the box with the appropriate name;
  • Tick the license agreement, double-check the selected edition of the product and the amount to pay it;
  • Click on "Pay" and, if necessary - to receive the discount, simply confirm your E-mail address;
  • Click on the button "Continue" and in accordance with further instructions / guidelines complete the purchase.
In order to do that we have to buy, you need to:

At the completion of all procedures for the acquisition of goods, you can see a copy of a license key or a product in the browser window! If, for some reason, you accidentally close the browser window, then you need to make an entrance to the site Oplata.info and in the personal account you will be able to find the newly acquired have a product key.

After purchasing the product and its activation, Leave your review on Gold-nm.biz or Oplata.info, so that in the future, ordinary PC users know that our service works honestly and always fulfills its obligations to customers!

For those of you who do not understand something of the above article, we propose to use the service "Test purchase", which enables you to practice and all to understand without making any real money!