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In the modern realities of the development of operating systems, some PC users no longer have the power and software capabilities that those masses of OS can offer them, designed for the average user. That's why we decided to offer you the opportunity to buy a Windows Server 2019 license, because according to those who worked with this software, it is worthy of attention and should be used for everyday work. As stated by numerous users - "this software allows you to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time."

Why Windows Server 2019?

The choice in favor of this program fell not by accident, since by modern standards, it is considered one of the best among its kind and has the opportunity to boast a history of its creation, which stretched for almost three decades, since one of the first server programs was created in more or less full-fledged appearance, back in 1993, whence, in fact, it is customary to count. The constant evolution of server operating systems has led to the fact that today we have what we have and honestly say that this result of software developed on the sidelines of Microsoft looks very worthy. Among what most often attracts the attention of average users, it is worth highlighting:

  • Price. In fact, it is very difficult to choose high-level software that would be related to server software at such a low price, but whatever it was, but to do it is still possible and a living example is right in front of you. We can say with full confidence that here the price corresponds to the quality of software, which is at the highest level;
  • Easy to learn. Despite the fact that you will have at your disposal, in fact, the operating system Windows 2016, but only from the letters “Server”, this software product will still be simple in terms of study and further use, since for the most part, it has a familiar software environment for many users and numerous elements that perform exactly the same functions that are inherent in them in the tenth generation OS, not related to “Server”;
  • Visual appearance. A very important point when using this system, since all the program elements here look very attractive and cause only positive emotions. There are no angularities that could repel, but there is only a stunning color scheme with magnificent edges. In fact, the visual component here is exactly the same as in the "top ten";
  • Ability to use auxiliary software. If necessary, Win Server 2019 can always be supplemented with high-quality software from any developers. Thus, the user is not driven into the framework of the fact that you need to work only with programs from Microsoft or from any other company engaged in the development of various software add-ons. Everyone is free to independently choose what he likes best and with which he is most comfortable working.

It’s clear that the above is just the tip of the iceberg, which has not specific points when choosing a server system, but a certain generalized set of items that for most users play a very important role, but do not forget that Server Windows 2016 You can buy, at least for the fact that in the 2019 edition of the program, there are the following functional options:

  • Hybrid cloud. Now you can use not just the updated, but the completely new Windows Admin Center admin center, which is designed in such a way that it allows you to seamlessly use the Azure cloud services: Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Azure AD Authentication, Azure update management in conjunction with the server OS and others. In addition, the list will gradually expand and it is possible that in the future it will be possible to use not only Azure cloud services;
  • Security. The level of protection here is very high, since its main purpose is not to simply block numerous attacks on the system, but also to prevent the OS from being fixed in the bowels. For the protective barriers of the device, such software components as: Defender ATP and Defender Exploit Guard will be responsible;
  • Platform application. If earlier “containers” were something not entirely clear, now, with their help it is possible to fully pack applications and deliver them to those devices that need them. Immediately, we note that Windows Server 2019 is able to work not only with containers of the Windows line, but also capable of handling containers of the Linux line;
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure. In a few clicks of the mouse, it will allow combining within one server the “standard architecture” it would seem different options: “Calculations” and “Storage”. The peculiarity of this software “trick” lies in the fact that it is able to reduce the cost of infrastructure, but at the same time, not reduce productivity and scalability.

Summing up, I want to note that various editions of Windows Server 2019 are able to perform completely different program actions, since the set of tools in them is huge and different from each other, but whatever software you choose for your needs, it will always remain one of the most popular in work and will be used on an ongoing basis.