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Windows System32 Config RegBack

Windows System32 Config RegBack

Working with the operating system implies using all of its capabilities in any direction, which is why when a user starts a PC, he always remains confident that in any situation, if a software failure occurs or there is some kind of trouble, he will always be able to to correct the situation with the help of software impact on the problem, within the means of the same OS. And of course, it’s good, when everything proceeds in user life exactly as it was planned, but when some of the dozens' internal settings change and it becomes clear that the device used no longer has the ability to save backup copies of the registry, in such a situation, the need arises go deep into a section of software like Windows System32 Config RegBack. Thanks to this “deepening”, we will be able to set up a function that has been turned off by the developers on a larger scale and bring Windows 10 back to work in the state it had in previous years.

How to get to Windows folder System32 Config RegBack?

The basic steps for setting up the system will need to be performed in the Registry Editor, so that if you know how to get there, you can start with the next paragraph. We recommend the following to users who do not have certain knowledge of OS configuration: using the “Win + R” hot keys to open the Run window → in a small window, you will have to enter the regedit command in the appropriate field → use “Ok” button to launch the command → execute the confirmation for the OS security system by pressing the “Yes” button, which will indicate the launch of the “Registry Editor”.

You are in the "Registry Editor" window, which means that you need to "expand" the following path: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Configuration Manager" → go to "Configuration Manager", move the mouse cursor to the empty area with the right parts of the open window and click with the right mouse button in order to bring up a small context menu and use it to create the “DWORD (32 bit)” parameter → during the creation, you will need to set a name for the new parameter and, as a result, it must be the next is “EnablePeriodicBackup”.

When creating the “DWORD Parameter (32 bits)”, no matter how much bit your OS is, in any case, it is worth creating the “32 bits” parameter - this is a crucial point!

As a result of the actions you have done, you can make sure that the Windows System32 Config RegBack function, which was automatically turned off by the developers after the update, now works again in “normal mode”. Thus, copies of the registry will be saved, as was the case earlier and it will be possible to do again without using the “Recovery Point” function.

The backup copies of the registry files created by the OS can always be found by following the following path: "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ RegBack".

P.S. For creating backup copies of the registry in Windows 10, there is a task that is called RegIdleBackup, it is initially present in the OS, even if the system does not perform backup automatically. This task can be found in the "Microsoft \ Windows \ Registry" in the library of the system task scheduler. The only thing worth remembering is that the task itself is not active exactly until the user has personally created the parameter “EnablePeriodicBackup” located in the Registry Editor (exactly as described above).