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Windows Memory Test Tool 10

Windows Memory Test Tool 10

There are completely different problems with the computer, and for this reason, every PC user tries to keep track of how his "hardware" works, because it's worth missing this point and within a week, a once fully working computer, can start annoying simply disgusting work. It's clear that you can monitor the PC's performance by various third-party programs and applications, but it seems to us that it's much easier to use what the developers of Windows created than anyone else. It is for this reason that today we will tell you what a "standard" / preinstalled program for testing Windows 10 memory can represent.

Speaking specifically about this application, I would like to note that it is very well executed, since it has the minimum number of functions, but at the same time it can be adjusted to your requirements and even after scanning, it is possible to use the collected information on the operability of the computer's or laptop's RAM . For those who have not yet guessed what exactly are in question, today we will tell you about a utility that has the name "Windows Memory Test Tool".

Run the utility "Windows Memory Test Tool" with the help of a search line located on the taskbar, because you should enter the full name of the utility and you will only have to click on the provided option in the program search in order to run it.

Please note that the system for collecting data on the operation of RAM on your computer with this utility is such that after you start it, in the newly opened window you will be prompted to choose one of the options for action:

  • Reboot the system immediately and collect all necessary data.
  • Collect the necessary data only when the computer is started up.

The interface the program for checking the RAM of Windows 10 looks quite simple, but with all this, the program works just fine. In addition, the application depth is set by pressing F1, after which you select the most suitable option in the "Test Set" column and save the changes with F10.

The verification process is relatively short and it is displayed almost in real time on the blue screen of the monitor.

If, for one reason or another, you were unable to remember the results of scanning the operating memory, you will need to use the so-called snap-in with the name "Event Viewer" → after that, go to "Windows Logs" → find the "System" section → use Search, in which it is necessary to write "MemoryDiagnostics".

If you do everything right, then the standard Windows 10 memory test program will surely please you with your work, after all, after scanning it, you will know 100%, your working RAM or its RAM it is better to refuse in the near future.