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Windows 7 - USB error 43

Windows 7 - USB error 43

Suppose you have Windows 7 - Error 43 USB and you are wondering why and why it arose, since you seem to have nothing more than natural with your "hardware" did not, but the error somehow Appeared. Just note that the above error appears quite often among users and only at those moments when they try to connect a device via USB to their computer or laptop.

How to Fix USB Error 43 in Windows 7

  • If you did not install new programs or if you did not have any manipulations with the drivers in the system, and the error originated from nowhere - this can be a normal failure, therefore, just try to just reboot the OS.
  • As an option, we try to reinstall those drivers that seem to us faulty: Win + R -> register the command "mmc devmgmt.msc" -> get into Device Manager -> in a new window (on the right side) Which has a yellow icon with an exclamation mark -> click the PCM on the device with the yellow icon -> in the context menu select the item "Delete".Now, we update the drivers, for this: click on the PCM driver, which you deleted -> select the item "Update configuration" in the context menu.

  • If the uninstall and update did not work, then you need to: in the "Device Manager" select the device with the yellow icon and click on it. PCM -> in the context menu select the "Properties" -> in the new window go to the tab "Driver" -> click on "Rollback".
  • Alternatively, you can try to boot into the mode of one of the last successful configurations, for this, you need: to reboot the Windows 7 OS -> as soon as the system starts to boot, press the F8 key -> from the list of available boot modes, select the one that you need Is necessary.

  • Also in Windows 7 - Error 43 USB may occur due to the fact that you have updated the system, and the drivers are old. Accordingly, update the drivers to the current version.
  • If you made changes to the OS registry, this could also be the cause of the error. Therefore, you should try to roll back the system / perform a restore in order to eliminate the error that you have.
  • Damaging the USB cable can also cause problems, so be careful and do not use damaged wires.
  • Some devices that have external power supplies and are connected without them to USB ports can also cause problems in the system due to high power consumption.
  • Some viruses have the ability to also disrupt the peace of users, respectively, it is worth checking the OS a good antivirus.

Of course, in Windows 7 - Error 43 USB is not critical, but it is very unpleasant and it may take you a long time to find a solution to this problem, so be prepared for this and do not forget that as usual , All can solve the banal reinstallation of Windows 7, but on condition that you are not too lazy to deal with it.