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Windows 10 for the disabled

Windows 10 for the disabled

If you start thinking about the fact that: "Is it possible to use Windows 10 for the disabled?" And do not know which answer is really correct, then we are ready to help you, because we know about this software practically Everything, which means that we are ready to share our knowledge with you.

In general, most people view the Windows 10 operating system as something ordinary and common, which is why, few people think about the fact that this OS is something more, and it has many more features that even people who have different Kind of limitation. It's clear that there are fewer people with restrictions than those who have everything in order, but in any case, Microsoft does not stop developing the highly specialized direction of its operating system so that everyone who needs it can use it.

It should also be noted that the "ten" at the moment is one of the operating systems that really works for everyone and always, which allows it to be used everywhere. So, to leave this software without attention, we simply could not just, and now we'll tell you everything, explain the main functions that you - as a person "special" will be interesting.

Using Windows 10 color blinds

One of the few OSes that can allow you to customize yourself in such a way that the color gamut of those or other areas of software looked more realistic and had the most "correct" look.

Due to the fine-tuning of the color gamut, a user who has color-blind problems may no longer feel like an outcast that sees the usual colors of a normal person more vivid, sometimes even acidic, which turns the time for computer transfer into a real hell for sight. This will not happen any more, since there is a special option that allows you to produce color correction, which makes the bright and very acid colors visible by the colorblind until recently something that is pleasantly perceived by the eyesight.

Using Windows 10 by people who do not have limbs

This is one of the biggest pluses of using Windows 10 for the disabled, since the OS has excellent software in the form of a voice assistant named Cortana, which allows you to use the mouse and keyboard without using the mouse with a computer. Of course, it's worth understanding that at the moment there are some limitations in the work of such a plan, but Microsoft is not going to stop there and they want to continue developing Cortana in order to make it better and have maximum opportunities for using it with voice commands.

By the way, working with Cortana is very convenient and if you want, then it will probably give you almost unlimited possibilities in your computer, which will allow you to launch only one of your voice, the program: the necessary program, set the correct time, start an alarm clock, search for necessary information On the Internet, read texts and etc. So, even if you do not have the physical ability to work on a computer, you can always use voice control.

Using Windows 10 Deaf

Another quite interesting innovation in the "top ten" is that it has the ability to all sound: warnings, messages, updates, etc., duplicate in the form of visual icons that are perfectly visible even if the user of the PC is not able to hear some Surrounding sounds.

Using Windows 10 with Blind

Perhaps this may seem fantastic to somebody, but in the modern world even a person who does not have a vision can use a computer for 100% and did not badly bother with Microsoft. In order that the blind could use the PC, a special keyboard with Braille fonts was developed, and the head itself was an assistant, he learned to recognize the Braille font in any of its manifestations, which allows even blind people to communicate at a distance - using only a computer. By the way, the technology here has gone so far that they can let the blind person not only communicate, but also read the texts in any of their manifestations, and if necessary, the program will even describe the visual features of the figures that are in the Office 365 application.

Thus, a person who has visual limitations is not alone with himself, but has full opportunities to communicate and do everything that his friends and relatives do at the computer.

Our opinion about the use of Windows 10 disabled

In fact - this is exactly what people need, who for one reason or another have lost completely the opportunity: to hear, see, distinguish colors, use hands and tp. It is Windows 10 for the disabled that will allow a once-limited person to see a lot of opportunities to evolve and not to stop for a second, because behind this operating system is the future, which will allow anyone who expresses his a wish.