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Windows 10 - the rapid location of the labels on the "desktop"

Windows 10 - the rapid location of the labels on the "desktop"

If you are a lover of everything in your operating system is configured in such a way that it was the most practical and convenient for your use, then you should read the article that it represents in the Windows 10 - the rapid location of the labels on the "desktop". It is clear that this method is not all users will need all the time, but your life will certainly come a time that you decide it certainly apply.

Generally, if it happened that you have shortcuts on the "desktop" mixed up, then you should not restart the operating system, do not turn off the PC without leaving the operating system and not try to use a hidden option allows you to exit from the "Explorer" under compulsion, where it is used "task Manager" or "Command Prompt."

If a shutdown "Explorer" in a standard way, all the data on how to be arranged icons on "desktop" will be stored in the key of its registry at the following path: «HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / Shell / Bags / 1 / Desktop ».

If you stop work "Explorer" to force, it is not what will not save - data will not be overwritten, and therefore, the next time the operating system, all the icons and shortcuts on the "desktop" will be restored to their seats.

It turns out that in the next time you happen violation arrangement of icons on the desktop, open the "Command Prompt" and follow in her command «taskkill / IM explorer.exe / F».

After some time, the conductor will be closed, you will need to run it again and run «explorer»:

Thus, you will be able to Windows 10 - the rapid location of the shortcut on the desktop restoring everything in just 1-2 minutes with rebooting the OS, which as you know, not too long, as sometimes , arrange working icons and shortcuts on the "desktop" is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance.