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What is the processor on a computer with Windows 10?

What is the processor on a computer with Windows 10?

"What is the processor on a computer with Windows 10?" This question is most often asked by those users who find themselves in a situation where they need to: perform a software update of the device, update the components of the device used, or select software. In fact, answering the above question is very simple, but provided that you know exactly what actions need to be taken to achieve your goal. If you do not know how to proceed, then in this case, we suggest that you choose one of the three simplest options, which, in our opinion, are the most optimal for today.

We will use only those software features that the system can offer. In addition, the time spent on specific actions will be 1-2 minutes, but at the same time, you can get the most information about the processor used.

Method one

In this case, the easiest way is to use the "Task Manager", which launches in a simple way: you hover over the Start menu icon and use the right mouse button to call the "context menu" → in the "context menu", select "Task Manager" → move in the window "Task Manager" to the tab of the horizontal menu "Processors" and get all the information you need about the processor itself.

Please note that you can see not just one processor name, but several ... This means that your processor has built-in "kernels" that are also displayed in the "Task Manager". Therefore, the first line will be with the name of the processor itself, and all subsequent lines will be the name of the cores embedded in the processor.

Second method

This method of obtaining information is similar to the first, because here, you also have to use the "Device Manager", which you open in any way known to you or, by right-clicking on the "Start" icon → go to the horizontal tab of the "Performance" menu → choose "CPU" from the proposed options (in the column on the left).

Method three

If the above methods based on the use of the "Task Manager" do not suit you, then in this case, we suggest using a log of actions of the following nature: "Settings" → "System" → "About the system" → "Device Features" and it’s here, you will All the necessary information about your processor is available.

Thus, you learned about the simplest and most frequently used methods that allow you to easily find out about: "What processor on a computer with Windows 10?"

Of course, there are a lot of similar methods for obtaining information, but whatever it was, the best option for the above actions is their simplicity and accessibility, which we tried to show in the article.