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Update KB4512941 with error

Update KB4512941 with error

Today, we will talk about the situation that KB4512941 update failed with error in Windows 10. The essence of the problem is that a huge number of PC users around the world decided to update the system using the cumulative version update KB4512941 and found themselves in a situation where, after the next launch of the device, their computers and laptops began to work to the limit of their capabilities due to an incomprehensible load on the central processor. As a result, the use of devices has become practically impossible, since the CPU is constantly busy and opening even the same Word document or another application, it turns out that the task is not too complicated, but in some way long-term.

The situation that was created was further complicated by the fact that users of different editions of Windows 10 turned out to be one failure of a software failure, and as a result, some of them have to wait for the next OS update from Microsoft, and some may already this hour on their own try to get rid of the problem.

How to fix CPU usage after updating KB4512941?

Ideally, you should not download the above update yourself and you must make every effort so that the system in automatic mode also could not download it. But if the circumstances are such that the problem still has a place to be, then there are a couple of options for action:

  • Everyone who has an OS edition below “Professional” will only have to wait for the next system update, since there is no known way to solve the problem for them.
  • Everyone who has the Professional edition is recommended to do the following: “Settings” → “Windows Update” → “View update log” → uninstall KB4512941 update with error → restart the system → disconnect to time, downloading updates.

We hope that the above method will help most users who need a 100% working computer, without obscure processes that load the CPU.