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Turn off prompts in Windows 10

Turn off prompts in Windows 10

The latest updates of the "dozens" are more and more pleasing to those who use it, but only along with excellent updates and various patches of bugs, the system also gets some add-ons for the OS from developers that not all PC users will go to. It is for this reason, today, that we'll try to tell you what the disabling of hints in Windows 10 is provided, provided that you run the "Options" application.

Of course, one of you - this may seem like a trifle, but if you drip a little deeper, it becomes clear that these, not large, but almost ubiquitous tips can be very distracting while working at the computer. So, unnoticed for yourself, you'll be distracted - read the hints, and eventually it turns out that you spent an extra hour at the computer and did not do anything. To avoid this, we will offer you a couple of ways to disable hints, which in themselves are simple, but for all that, have completely different directions in terms of customization.

Method number 1

In this method, you will need to work with Registry Editor, but before you run it, open the Run window (opens with Win + R) and register the command "regedit" → now, you will need to pass on the next key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer", in order to get to the subsection in which they will make the final settings → in the last subsection, you should be interested only in the window to the right, where you should create a 32- bit parameter of type DWORD and as consequence, write in it a numerical value "0" → will only save everything → reload the OS.

Method No. 2

This method uses the setting of the "Local Group Policy Editor", which when properly configured, allows you to make a full disable hints in Windows 10 even without rebooting!

As before, you will need the "Run" window (opens with Win + R), where "gpedit.msc" → "Computer Configuration" → "Administrative Templates" → "Control Panel" → "Allow online -Sovety "→" Change the policy setting "→ mark" Disabled "→" Apply "→" OK ".

Please note that this way of setting up the operating system does not require you to reboot the PC. Here everything comes into force momentarily.

We hope that this article on setting up the operating system Windows 10 was useful for you and you will certainly use it to make your system even better!