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Transparent taskbar in Windows 10

Transparent taskbar in Windows 10

I'm sure you're wondering what a transparent taskbar in Windows 10, since in the view of this kind of operating system setup looks much better than the conventional version of the taskbar, with a small percentage of transparency. For this reason, we are just going to tell you about a couple of not very complex, but very cool ways to make the taskbar just such a transparency that you need.

Method number 1

Make the opening of the Windows Registry Editor 10 -> go here on this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced -> Now, you need to create a new 32-bit parameter type of a DWORD -> new parameter must be received name «UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency» and "1".

Here, you have to use tweak the registry in Windows 10, because initially, you must go to the section with the settings "Personalization Colours" and check that the switch "Make" Start "menu, the taskbar and the center of notifications transparent" is set to "On.".

If, for some reason, transparency was not applied immediately, you must restart the "Explorer" or the entire operating system as a whole.

Method number 2

In this process will be used tool «TranslucentTB», which we believe is a very simple and practical, at least for the reason that does not even require installation.

It's all very easy, as you simply need to download the utility TranslucentTB -> make it run the executable file -> make sure that the taskbar has become transparent.

It should also be noted that the work of this tool will be completed only by the "Task Manager" and then, in order to restore the appearance of the taskbar, you simply need to restart Explorer. We also note that you do the same with the use of this tool will need to use the settings in the "Colors" (described in the previous method), because without them, the utility still does not make the task bar at 100% transparent.

Method number 3

In this process, we will use the utility TaskbarTools, but should understand that it is slightly different characteristics that allow you to see not only what looks like transparent taskbar in Windows 10, but also some of its other color variations that also looks very cool and maybe someone of you will certainly enjoy.

After the download you will make TaskbarTools Utilities -> run it (the installation utility does not require), you can see that it is about five modes of operation:

• Disabled - completely black and completely opaque background;

• ENABLE GRADIENT - any color from black to white;

• Enable TRANSPARENT GRADIENT - translucent fill any color;

• ENABLE BLURBEHIND - any interest of transparency regardless of the colors used;

• INVALID STATE - 100% opacity.

Despite the fact that the tool has a fairly large number of advantages, yet less available and is it in that transparent taskbar in Win 10 often, there is not always right, and you will sometimes require a reboot Conductor.