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The "My Library" in Windows 10

The "My Library" in Windows 10

If you like to experiment a lot and always something to install from the Store Windows, and then remove it, you probably know the situation where you need an application that used a couple of months ago, but this hour do not remember what the name of it was. For this reason, we decided to tell you that from itself is really feature "My library" in Windows 10. You may have heard something about this feature, but most likely, it is not used, but in vain!

The advantage of using the function "My library" is that with it you can see a list of all the applications and games that you've ever installed. In addition, the not unimportant advantage of this feature is the fact that regardless of the fact that the application was installed a free or paid, it will still be on your list.

It should also be noted that in some regions, "My Library" is also useful in that it will allow you to find: music, movies and TV shows.

In order to move to My Library in Windows 10, you need to use a custom menu in Windows Store.

Please note that once on the main page "Libraries", you immediately see the latest acquisition: apps, games, movies and music composition. In order to move to a more complete list, please click on the button "Show all".

Search here established, and then deleted applications, incredibly convenient, as you'll see in the list of applications is not just an icon, but also his full name. There also will be present date you make purchases and also will attend a function for re-installation and the option to hide the app from the Library.

If you have the required application is available for installation on the currently applied application, you just need to click on the ↓ (Download the app), that allows to automatically run to install it, which is the ability to track without even leaving the "Libraries".

If you are currently using the device, which is different from that to which you have previously installed the application, then you simply need to click on the ↓ (Download the app) and you'll be automatically redirected to the page with the application to the Windows Store, which may be found necessary to installation version of the application.

Thus, feature "My library" in Windows 10 allows any user to quickly enough to produce the restoration of several previously remote applications.

P.S. If you use the Windows Store, and quite active for a long time, then you should understand that in some situations, the download list, you may need a few minutes, as will be the collection of information, which can be quite a lot.