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The label "Run" in Windows 10

The label "Run" in Windows 10

As is well known, "ten" is a little different from the operating systems that were previously very often, in order to ensure that it is something to edit or add to the operating system any changes, we have to use the window "Run". It is clear that a combination of "hot keys» Win + R can be used to launch this window, but there is an easier way, which will look like shortcut "Run" in Windows 10, which will be able to accommodate you on the "desktop" or somewhere else, that they will allow you to fully and easy to use.

So ... Let's start ... click RMB on the open area on the "Desktop" and choose to "Create" context menu item first, and then "Shortcut":

As soon as you see a window will appear, which will require you to insert the path to the location of the object, then mount it to him: «explorer shell ::: {2559a1f3-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}», then click on "Next":

We assign a name to create shortcuts (in our case it will be "Run"):

That's all! But it is necessary to understand that the label will be exactly the same as the rest, and if you have a desire to change its type, then go to the properties of the shortcut by clicking RMB on it and prescribed in the search box «shell32.dll»:

Only now, attach a label on the "Taskbar", for this, again we click RMB on the icon and choose the option that has the name of "Pin to Taskbar":

Also, shortcut "Run" in Windows 10 might fix even on the "home screen", that is as convenient and in a way practical for use while working with the operating system and its various settings.