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The function "Contact online" in Skype for Windows 10

The function "Contact online" in Skype for Windows 10

Already historically, Skype has become an integral part of the Windows family of operating systems, and it is this association that allows users to see how the software and OS go side by side for many years. It would seem that for such a long time of interaction, numerous software functions could be debugged in Skype and brought to logical stability, but not everything is so simple ... Often, OS updates started to conflict with Skype options, which led to some software conflicts and at some point, the developers decided to abandon the pop-up windows, which notified the user that someone from his contact list, went into the "network" and now you can start a dialogue with him. By removing this feature, the software began to work more stably, but now the users of such an upgrade were not happy and started demanding from the developers the return of everything that was “whipped up”. As a result, we can see that already this time, insiders have the opportunity to find out what the Online Contact feature in Skype for Windows 10 represents.

We, in turn, decided to touch on the topic with the function “Contact online” for the reason that users / insiders, receiving updates for Skype, do not know that they have a new software option and do not use it, although everything should it is completely different, because without such a practical addition, this hour is very difficult to work.

In order to quickly and accurately execute the action log required for setting, you will have to click with the left mouse button on the following program parameters: “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Notification about the appearance of a contact in the network” → “On”. On this, the basic actions on your part will be completed, since the program is configured.

The online contact feature in Skype for Windows 10 is currently only being tested and is available only to insiders, but will soon be available to average PC users. In addition, last but not least when you launch the updated function, it also takes the fact that you need to update the Skype program to version because if this action is not performed, then you will not be able to use the updated software features.