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The amount of computer memory with Windows 10

The amount of computer memory with Windows 10

Suppose that something happened in your life and you need to urgently learn the amount of RAM in your computer with Windows 10, and you do not know: "How to be in this situation?" After all, this question on the one hand is enough simple and ask about it even your friends, is not entirely appropriate, and maybe to some extent ashamed, but to consult a computer master on this occasion, maybe even more expensive, since he, with rare exceptions, will not advise his services for "updating" / "replacing" the memory slots. Therefore, you need to independently learn how to get to the system partition, which shows the amount of RAM available to your computer and have the opportunity, at any time, to monitor the flow of data resources in your OS.

In essence, the above described actions are not complicated and even more, they will not take up much of your time, but it is worth remembering that on any computer and laptop, there are two types of memory:

The first is an operational one, not infrequently referred to as a shortened abbreviation of the form - RAM (just about it we are talking about in the article).

The second is the physical memory of the computer, which is the storehouse of all your data. Simply put - this memory, which is located on the hard disks of the PC.

Therefore, under no circumstances, you should not confuse the two above-mentioned parameters, since they are very different from each other and perform completely different functional features on your computer.

The amount of computer memory with Windows 10

As it often happens, to get to one of the system partitions "tens", you need to go to the Start menu, well, and then, go through: "Options", then "System" and go to "About the System."

Before you open a small window where there will be an item "Installed RAM", and opposite it, just the amount of installed RAM on your PC will be "8.00 GB".

In order to understand how much memory resources your system consumes with the programs running in it, we recommend using the "Task Manager" application (opened with "Ctrl + Alt + Delete"). In the application window itself, you will be on the Processes tab, where you can actually see which software, how many RAM resources it consumes.

If you need more information about: "What is the amount of RAM in a computer running Windows 10 and how the resources of the system are spent?" Then in this case, again, you should refer to the application "Device Manager" , but only this time, you will need to switch to the "Performance" tab in the horizontal menu. It is here, before you will appear a graph that has a general picture of everything that happens with the RAM in your system in a specific period of time.