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Take a screenshot in Windows 10

Take a screenshot in Windows 10

Not all users use the "top ten" know that to make a screenshot in Windows 10 on many simply do not need to do not think about anything, and especially do not need to install third-party software, because you can do "standard" function.

Push the button «PrintScreen» sometimes above-named button is named «PrtSc». You can also use a combination of "hot keys" type «Alt + PrintScreen», to take a screenshot of the active window. Made your screenshot will be saved in the "clipboard" → run "the Paint" standard program → click on the button "Insert" or use a combination of hot keys «Ctrl + V» → edit and then make a screenshot or just save it.

Alternatively, you can use more combination of "hot keys" type of «Win + PrintScreen», which will make the preservation of the entire screen image directly into a folder called "screen shots", which is located at the following path: C: \ Users \ \ Pictures \ Screenshots. Alternatively, make a screenshot in Windows 10 can be in using third-party programs, one of which is the «Screenshot Creator». The peculiarity of this program lies in the fact that with its help it is possible not just to make a screenshot of the entire screen, but still: its individual parts, a particular window, application, back region and TP.

In addition, the program is quite rich in various supplement plan in the form of: putting the time and date in the screenshots, use continuous shooting, putting signatures in the screenshots and TP. We also note that the program though and has a very impressive set of tools, but it is distributed for free and take advantage of it can any of you!

If you need to make a screenshot of the browser page and you're faced with the fact that there is no opportunity to seize the entire working area, then you should use the plug-in for «Google Chrome» titled «Awesome Screenshot». Once you install the plugin, the opposite of the address bar will appear small a button which, when pressed it will open not large menu sizes, where you can choose the variation screenshot capture "the visible part of the page," "the whole browser page" or "specified region user. " Immediately you will be able to let the minimum, but still edit the image.

If you must to make a screenshot in Windows 10 while watching a movie or video, it is necessary to use the video player such as «VLC», which is also distributed free of charge. When you use the player, "the VLC", simply click on the tab "Video" and click on "Take a picture."

In general, any video player must have at its disposal the button of the "Snapshot", so look for it in your program.

If you are interested in an opportunity to make a screenshot in full screen mode during a game, then look for the program «Fraps» or its equivalent. There are so many programs, so choose from what will!

Also during the game in Windows 10, you can take a screenshot and without third-party software and applications, simply simply click on a combination of "hot keys» «Win + PrintScreen» → then go through the path: C: \ Users \ \ Videos \ Captures. Screenshots will be available in a regular Xbox app in the "Clips" folder is made in such a way.

As you can see, do to make a screenshot in Windows 10 is not so difficult as it might show you earlier - to the point until you know exactly what you need to do to capture high-quality screenshot this or that situation.