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Switching between themes in Windows 10

Switching between themes in Windows 10

In fact, switching between themes in Windows 10 is not a difficult process, since it does not require any personal computer from the user beyond the unique knowledge or something else, so that any of the you. But there are situations when there is more than one user at the computer, and not how many, then switching the topic becomes more relevant, especially if someone works during the day, and someone at night. It is for this reason that we decided to disassemble in detail one tikik registry, which can simplify the above procedure at times.

Suppose that earlier, you used the "standard" features of the OS in order to make a switch between the themes and in that case, you had to access the system settings every time → the personalization section → "Colors" - it's not very fast and not very convenient!

How to enable "fast" switching between themes in Windows 10?

We know a method that works more practical, but before it becomes active, you will have to use the prepared REG-file, which simplifies the configuration of as many as five registry keys. All you need to do is simply: download the archive → unzip the archive → merge your registry files and the REG file "AddMode.reg"

In order to notice the changes made to the system, you can after the completion of all of the above, try to open the "context menu" → in it, in the first place you will see the item "Choose a topic" → go from this point to one of two sub-items: "Light" and "The Dark One".

That's it, fast and not forced, now on your system you can switch between themes in Windows 10, which means that you can manipulate them anytime and anything.

How to disable "fast" switching between themes in Windows 10?

In order to return your Windows 10 to the state in which it was previously (it's a context menu), we suggest you use a file from the archive called "RemoveMode.reg", which must be merged with the system files in automatic mode. After the "merger", everything in the "context menu" will be exactly the same as it was before.