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Switching between displays in Windows 10

Switching between displays in Windows 10

When working at a computer, very often it happens that just simply does not have enough single monitor, and consequently, PC users start using two, and sometimes even more. That's only with this use of switching between displays in Windows 10 is not very convenient. It is for this reason that we decided to tell you about how to create a shortcut on the Desktop that is convenient in all plans, which will simplify, until recently not a convenient switching process so much that you will not ever give it up again.

As an example, we suggest that you compare a couple of ways to switch between monitor displays:

  • In the first case, you do not have to do anything with the Win 10 OS, but from time to time, you'll have to do the following steps: you'll go every time to "Options", from there you have to go to "System", and from there, in the "Screen".
  • In the second case, everything is different... Here you will have to make a small adjustment of the OS, but then, in just two clicks, you can switch between the displays.

And now, decide for yourself which of the above methods is easier for you to use and more convenient, provided that you will switch between displays at least 3-5 times in one workflow?

If you select the first option, then you do not need to read the information below, if you choose the second option, then be as careful as possible!

Switching between displays in Windows 10 by means of a shortcut

First, we need to go through this path: C: \ Windows \ System32, which in the last subsection, find the utility named "DisplaySwitch.exe". The desired utility can also be found with the help of the Search.

Once you find the utility DisplaySwitch.exe, then immediately proceed to configure it using the following commands:

  • DisplaySwitch.exe / internal - command that allows the computer to switch to the main display.
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / external - command that allows the computer to switch to an additional display.
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / clone - command that allows to duplicate the image from the first screen of the monitor to the second one.
  • DisplaySwitch.exe / extend - a command that allows to combine two displays, which makes it possible to reproduce one large image on both displays.

Therefore, the "Taskbar" itself will be visually displayed on the first display, and the interface with the applications will be located on the second display. Again, it's worth understanding that all of the above will only happen if you drag the application windows from the first display to the second one.

Of all the above, only that if you need the fastest switching between displays in Windows 10, then you should create a shortcut (the name of the shortcut can be any) and assign to it the location of the path, that command ( from those that we wrote above), which in your opinion, you are most needed and you use it more often.

We draw your attention to the fact that you can create at least four shortcuts, since everything depends on what you need in terms of "fast teams".

We hope that this way of switching between displays will allow you to save a lot of time, because with minimal settings of the OS, the process of switching by means of Labels, is really working out very quickly.