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Slideshow Mode while viewing a photo in Windows 10

Slideshow Mode while viewing a photo in Windows 10

Generally mode slideshow while viewing photos in Windows 10 is activated simply, simply, but as often happens, the developers of the operating system on the grounds kakim-to slightly expanded its capabilities, which in fact led to a large the amount of criticism from users.

Many of you certainly this hour say they have long to view photos in a slide show using the staffing application is "ten" named "Pictures", but you must admit that there are different situations, and someone may fail to launch this application, or there is no way to run it, and then from it go to the viewing slide-show. That's why we decided to tell you about a simple and most importantly practical way to use the slide show.

The main advantages of our method lies in the fact that the photo viewing can be run directly from the "Explorer". For example, open the directory with pictures and see that there was a button 'Tools works with drawings "at the top of the window:

Click on the "Tools for working with images" and see what happened in a new window opening so-called "Explorer Ribbon". It is the "Ribbon Explorer" and contains the necessary tools with us to you who can afford to manipulate the image. Find the button "Slideshow" and click on it:

Please note that by doing so, you can run slideshow mode while viewing images in Windows 10 without having to go into a folder and it's very cool, the more the image will open in full screen. In addition, there can also be used and viewing individual photos, but to do so by going to the folder, you must select those photos that you want to run as a slide-Scheu mode.

Also, in a slideshow mode in Windows 10, you can use "hot keys":

Space to stop viewing slide Scheu on a particular picture;
Arrows to move scrolling images in manual mode;
«Esc» or any letter key to exit full-screen mode.

Please note that the rate of change of the file may configure use of PCM in the context Win 10 menu.