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Share for Windows 10

Share for Windows 10

Today, you and I will not just try to make Share for Windows 10 workable, but perform system reconfiguration so that the hidden application becomes accessible and workable. This action is done in order to transfer files by Share means - it is several times more convenient and practical, but on the condition that you understand this action and realize: “What can it really represent and how does it function?”

First, you need to “Save” - create a “Backup” of the OS, because without this action, you will not be able to correctly restore the system without losing data if the Registry Editor is not configured correctly or, if a software failure occurs.

Enable Share for Windows 10

Press the "hot combination" of the keys on the keyboard "Wnd + R", this will give you the opportunity to go to the window to perform, where it is easy to enter the command "regedit" and after that, click on the "OK" button.

In the Registry Editor, you will have a little more action, but they will not be very difficult... At the beginning, on the left side of the Editor, follow the following path: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Control Panel".

If you moved to the “Control Panel”, then you can move to the right side of the “Editor” window in order to create the “DWORD 32 bits” parameter with the name “EnableShareSettings” with the right value “1” .

Please note that if you specify the value "0", then the "DWORD 32 bits" parameter will stop functioning.

The Share for Windows 10 application should already work and you can see for yourself if you move to the “Settings”, since the “Share” page will appear there.

If the “standard” settings of the “Share” application are not enough for you, then it’s time to proceed to them more precisely, and for this you will need to: open “Parameters”, use the “System” and “Share” / “Share” sections. Now, you can freely customize:

  • Applications that will have access to the content and they will be able to share them;
  • Display the most commonly used applications;
  • Display the number of objects on the page.

A deeper “Share” check can be performed using the opening tools: Explorer, Edge or Windows Store and clicking on the “Share” button.

In addition, the application can always be available to you in two clicks on the keyboard on the keyboard - “Win + H”.