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Setting up saving passwords in Microsoft Edge

Setting up saving passwords in Microsoft Edge

Today, we will tell you about: “What is the setting for saving passwords in Microsoft Edge?” This topic is being touched by us for a reason, because recently, a huge number of users constantly use the Windows 10 operating system and by chance, they have to periodically interact with the Edge browser. The interaction does not always occur at the initiative of the users themselves, since very often, this software is launched "by default" when performing certain actions at the computer.

The main topic of this article will affect the possibility of saving user data, or, refusal of these actions by the browser.

To begin with, you should understand that Edge is initially configured in such a way as to save all entered usernames and passwords on the pages of sites, which, according to software developers, should simplify the work of users. Accordingly, every time when you get to the page of a new site, the browser will immediately ask you for permission to perform actions related to saving user information and here, you can decide: “Do you need to save something or not?”

In addition, you always have the opportunity to use the “Settings” function, which is called up using the corresponding icon in the browser window or, by simultaneously pressing the “hot keysь “Alt + X”, after which it remains only to make a choice of the option“ Password and autocomplete.

Thus, you can manipulate the switch in front of the “Save password” item and set, or remove the check mark in front of “Off”, which will either activate or deactivate the automatic password saving option.

Also, setting the saving of passwords in Microsoft Edge implies other actions, some of which are related to the complete deletion of all saved passwords, which is very important when transferring the device to third parties. In this case, you can simply use the "Parameters", go to the section "Privacy and Security" and using the selected item "Clear Browser Data", set the mark where there is a point "Passwords". After the procedure, you will only need to click on the "Clear" button.

It would seem that a very simple procedure is described above ... But unfortunately, not everyone knows about it and as a result, both lost passwords and unautorized logins from third parties to the Internet sites, using foreign logins and passwords, often occur.