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Setting up DVR for games in Windows 10

Setting up DVR for games in Windows 10

Many of those who have computers install Windows 10 on them directly in order to play modern games with this OS and during their game record interesting video clips of their adventures or create unique screenshots. It's clear that someone already uses the built-in application in the system, and someone prefers to use something third-party, since it works more qualitatively and the resulting screenshots and videos are getting better. It is for these PC users that we decided to write down an article that will tell you in detail about what is setting up the DVR for games in Windows 10, because many of these working capabilities of the system are simply not being used, and in vain.

If you have not used "DVR" yet, then we explain ... This function is located in the system settings, and therefore you should go to: the Options panel → from there go to the "Games" → and only here, you will go to " DVR for games »

If you pay attention to the unit called "Recorded Sound", you can adjust it to your needs and choose one of four parameters, which will be from 96 to 192 Kbps. Immediately you can manipulate the microphone sound settings. In addition, it is here that you can turn on the option to record sound not only from the game view, but from other applications that can also be launched on a PC, like a game.

Setting up the DVR for games in Windows 10implies also the ability to configure video recording, which means that you should refer to the "Recorded Video" section, where the first thing you need to do is increase or decrease the number frames per second, since it is possible to configure this option from 30 to 60 frames per second. In addition, it is possible to select one of the recording parameters that will look like: "Standard" or "High". Immediately there is an option that is responsible for setting the capture of the mouse cursor, which is very convenient if the video is written not as a game, but as a training video.

Summing up, which affect DVR settings for games in Windows 10, i want to note that this function is definitely worth adjusting, but at the same time, it's worth understanding that the better the quality you put, the more you will weigh the final file and accurate to the reverse, subject to a reduction in the quality recorded by the video or screenshots, the final file will weigh less.