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Setting the Games menu in Windows 10

Setting the Games menu in Windows 10

Many PC users like to spend time with their "iron friend" and at the same time, use some kind of gaming application. All this is really exciting and interesting, but only if the game has the ability to give completely new sensations and does not impose its opinion on the player. But often, in the tenth version of the operating system, everything is different, and it was this that prompted us to touch upon those that are directly related to the setting up the Play Menu in Windows 10.

We do not exclude the fact that more advanced PC users will argue that this topic with its question cannot do anything useful for them, and in part, they will be right, because in this article the information is more suitable for those of you who try Do not delve into the system settings and often, leave "everything as it is." Thus, those who are interested in the above-described question should stay, and the rest, it is better to pass by...

Touching on this topic, we want to show all PC users that they always have a choice - “read” or “not read” OS tips in the Game Menu. Therefore, in order to proceed to the system settings, you yourself choose one of the ways that will allow you to get to the “Game Menu”:

  • This is the use of the Start menu;
  • This is a combination of "hot keys" (Win + G);
  • This is the use of the application "Search".

It does not matter which of the methods above you have chosen, the main thing is that with its help you can get to the “⚙” icon and go to the “Game menu options”.

A window with the name “Game Menu Options” will allow you to see the name of the “General” section and find the item “Show tips at the beginning of the game” in it, where there will be an installed “check mark” that you need to perform to remove.

Very practical in this Game Menu setting in Windows 10 is that: third-party software, use of program code or other workarounds, you will not need and all changes in the system become active immediately - after you put or uncheck the box in the corresponding checkbox.