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Setting the font and themes for reading in the Edge browser

Setting the font and themes for reading in the Edge browser

Many PC users will agree that the Win 10 operating system is so advanced that it is often possible to find almost any settings that you may need to make the system more attractive. That's just not always everything, even here is smooth, as some programs and applications that have been used by users for a long time are still being finalized by MS developers and as a result, something new appears in them. That is why not to touch on the topic: “What can be setting the font and reading in the Edge browser?” We simply simply could not, because after studying it, you can probably do more spend time at the computer and wake up a lot to read, as this will not cause you vision problems, but will only give joy and pleasure.

How to configure the font and theme for reading in MS Edge browser?

And so... We’ll explain right away ... This article will discuss how you can use the "Reading Mode" more effectively to be able to configure not the entire browser as a whole, but only its individual part.

It all starts with the fact that any user will have to launch the Microsoft Edge browser and already with it, find the page with the article that will be interesting to him. Now, you should use the special button in the form of an open book, which is located in the search box - this is actually the “Reading Mode” button. Clicking this button will allow you to get to the workspace where you will need to make another single left-click on the text, then, on the right side of the browser window, you will be able to use the Text Parameters button, which will open the way for you to use two very important options:

  • "Text size" - setting the text itself. Allows you to make the text more acceptable for reading, which will reduce the voltage on the eyes several times.
  • "Themes page" - set the background accompaniment. Allows you to fill the background with a certain color and as a result, make the space for reading more colorful in terms of perception of the color gamut.

Thus, setting the font and themes for reading in the Edge browser will be much faster and more effective than you could have done before. In addition, the use of third-party programs will no longer be necessary, as well as what the “standard” capabilities of the tenth generation system offer you will do.