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Set function on my Windows 10 devices

Set function on my Windows 10 devices

The tenth generation operating system never ceases to amaze everyone who uses it in that there is a versatility in it that does not and cannot exist in its counterparts. In addition, all the existing functions and added, constantly being finalized by developers and thus, very well facilitate the users life. So this time, the great minds of Microsoft could surprise a huge number of users around the world, because now, each user has the opportunity to feel for themselves: “What is the Install feature on my Windows 10 devices? "

Immediately I would like to note that the basic principle of the new software supplement lies in the fact that having several devices, the user simply logs in to any of them using the currently popular Microsoft account and simply choose the program that should be installed on other devices. Such an approach to this procedure makes it as accessible as possible for any of us, and, strange as it is, as convenient as possible.

In addition, the uniqueness of the function also lies in the fact that it does not have a limitation in terms of the Internet turned off or the device turned off, because in any case, as soon as the device on which the software was not installed is turned on or connected to the Internet, then the same is not installed software installed. Thus, it is even possible to authorize in some way the installation of software, but only in a “turndown” look.

How to use the Install feature on my Windows 10 devices?

As stated earlier, you will need to log into a Microsoft account on one of your devices, after which you go to the Microsoft Store (it doesn’t matter if you will do this through a browser or through an application), make a game selection or of the program you want to install, use the “Get” button (wait for the full download) and click on the ellipsis located on the top right of the window or near the “Play” (“...”) button, after which you just have to use the “Install on my devices.

A new stage is the opening of a new window, which is not possible to miss, since it will display all those devices in which you have already had the opportunity to use your Microsoft account. Opposite the name of each device, there will be a small "check-box" in which you need to put a tick. The mark in the form of a "tick" can become for your device the very point that will allow the software to install or not to install on a specific environment: a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

At the moment, the Install feature on my Windows 10 devices is quite stable, but there are rare crashes that cause one or more devices to fail to install software for some unknown reason. The way out of this situation is obvious - it is necessary to install the software on each specific device individually. Also, you can try to wait for the application to be updated and try again this procedure of simultaneous installation on all devices at once.